Day 1 balrog

Hi there boxers of all sort,i’m interested in picking up the dirty boxer. Started watching my tutorials and reading the character break out . Now here’s the prob. i can’t seem to get jab jab xxxx combos down. i don’t understand why. i’m inputting the notation but the specials ain’t coming out"dash punch,heatbutt etc. Is there like a special timing for landing does special after the hit comfirms?? Never really played charge character so i don’t know{ i play honder but he’s just different}

Please help,i really wanna play balrog.

As above, and I’d like to add onto it.

Boxer is such a rythmatic (That how you spell it?) character. His combo’s are simple but still require good execution and rythm - You’ll understand it when you move on from basic BnB’s to Rush Upper looping practice, which is never practical to use IN a match but is a good practice for basic rythm and some of his more complex combos involving cancels and loops.

In all my years on these Forums, I’ve seen many threads like this - X person picks up Balrog and wonders why the combo’s aren’t working… The one video I referenced to all those years ago was a vid of an oldschool Arcade Infinity Ranbat where Ronstoppable lashed out a basic RU loop during a tournament match in very very very early vanilla. RU Looping is Balrogs most common trademark so it’s not like it’s news anymore, but back then the video served as a decent way of explaining two key points.


Forward that to the 10 second mark and watch it VERY closely.

Why is it relevant, you ask? Because once you get used to BnB’s, you’ll then be onto ‘charging issues’ as in why is your EX RU or Headbutt not coming out consistantly during loop, or why am I not headbutting after the loop/BnB etc

It harps back to what 3nigmat1c linked above. Watch that video again and notice that Ron goes from a speedy Jab Jab Short EX RU (After focus attack) - THEN notice how (After the first EX RU) his following Jab/Short/EX RU’s are much much slower in comparison.

If your headbutts aren’t connecting, or you’re EX RU’s aren’t consistant, people assume it’s because they didn’t have enough charge time - The truth is that they won’t come out AT ALL if you cancel a Jab into a Short, so it could have been the charge time or the fact you’re not giving enough time after a Jab before using Short. You need to cancel your short into X move, so if you cancel the jab into the short by being too quick, then your following move cannot be cancelled from the short ie. It wont come out, period. As said, it’s a rythm thing - The great thing with Balrog is once you pickup his basic combo’s they are VERY hard to forget or drop - You’d have to have smashed your face into a brick wall 90 times and caused severe brain trauma to ever lose that rythm. A lot of top Boxers rarely EVER drop their combo’s - I’ve even struggled to see ice0age -R- drop any of his, and he’s the most reckless, super-bar melting cancel happy rushdown Balrog known, who does the most disgusting combos, but only once or twice in his more recent vids have I seen him drop them.

Hit the training room and practice practice practice - Give time between the jabs and the shorts, it’s also the way you stock up on charge time during loops and other combo’s.

That Ronstoppable video was what inspired me towards Balrog back when I didn’t have the game but was considering buying it - It’s a very old video. Then much later I picked up the game, picked up Balrog and contributed my own similar shinanigans…

Once you get that rythm, you are going to have a LOT of fun with Balrog.


You have to “link” the You can just chain the, you have to time it. Practice cancelling into headbutt by itself. That will give you an idea of the timing. It’s very similar to how you have to “link” the last normal with characters before a special with any other character. c.lp, c.lp, wait a little to time correctly cancelled quickly into special. hope this helps, took me forever, I was so bummed at my self. Once I got it though it was extremely easy and I could do it with any other character. Very important skill to have

Thank you guys so much especially ROPEDRINK ,very informative and love you video “thumps up” thanks again to you all. Now i’m gonna hit some training mode.

You have to link the last normal in order to cancel it. Last time I checked, cr. lp to cr. lp was a 5 frame link and cr. lp to cr. lk is a 4 frame link. Has to be the easiest links in the game.