Day 1 Streams replay... where can It be watched/found?

Wondering where i can find it since the evo site only has day 2 streams and ipw dont have it posted.

i need to find some of the salty suite stream … so dont mind if i use your thread to springboard my search… in any case im sure absolutely everything will be up soon… we’ll see it on the front page no doubt

i dont think it was salty suite this year i think it was called redemption suite cuz thats the most topics i seen calling it that and a plus it didnt smell bad last year even tho it was a smaller room but you were getting kicked out if you wernt making side bets or playing MMs =I

i need to see this poongko 53 hit combo…

yeah i was hoping to catch all the matches i missed while judging but they are nowhere to be found.