Day/Night cycle?

I posted in the cosmetics section, but just to get it out there to be seen, so I can get some feedback and opinions.

What do you guys think? It’s from the recent blog with all the confirmation of 1 character/mo and all the modes. Think this confirms a day/night cycle in the game?

It should. I mean if someone just edited this for trolling purposes then that was a waste of time. Looking forward to it though.

It’s not the only one, I watched a few seconds of the story mode stuff and they were fighting at Kanzuki Estate during the day time. Hopefully it’s not just story mode only, and you can pick alt stages in multiplayer.

Yea, someone else in the Capcom forums mentioned Kanzuki Estate at daytime for Ken’s story. I hope if it’s alts in multiplayer that they aren’t listed in different slots all sloppily. You should just have to hit a button or something on the stage to change the time, I don’t want it all cluttered with clone stages that just have different times of day. Especially since it doesn’t seem like SF4’s alts where they change activities and stuff, and even then it annoyed me that they were taking up separate slots, because it was obviously to buffer SF4’s lack of stages.

That’s awesome news! Just imagine Hillside Plaza, the corcovado (the hill below the christ/world cup trophy) at night or dusk…

Imagine that at the background of the stage!

I wish I was Karin’s relative to enjoy my vacation in a such beautiful place like that.

Whenever you pick a stage it says in the bottom left the time of day and weather conditions, so it wouldn’t be far fetched these options wille be available/unlockable later on when selecting your stage.

Oh Shit! Awesome! That’s exactly how I’d want it, instead of like SF4 where they tried to buffer the fact they had so few stages and used another stage slot. Even though they changed up things like interactions that were going on in the background for the different versions. I still rather it not be another stage slot and be where you just choose the weather conditions and time of day. Very nice if it turns out to be so.

Seeing as we know players who have the game, why hasn’t anyone just asked them?

I’m going to guess this is stuff that might branch out once the shop feature gets implemented… which, I can’t wait. This game is looking too good lol.

Ugh yes have the whole mountain lit up like a Christmas tree. Reminds me of coming home to Caracas.

Damn the waterfall stage looks nice at night.

Everything looks better at night.

Disagree, especially when they try to apply realistic lighting effects. I hate the way everything is so dark in the night time stages in SF4.

That said, it looks like they’re doing this the right way. I kind of hate when the time of day changes between rounds like in some SNK games, and I REALLY hate the new Smash Bros. 45 second day / night cycles. It’s day, it’s night, it’s day again, it’s night again! Time sure flies!

I hope day and night versions of stages aren’t considered two different stages like in IV.

The one thing that seems to bug me the most that isn’t game play about street fighter has always been their shitty backgrounds. SNK games are beautiful sprite dynamite for most of the series’ life time but street fighters has always been underwhelming. I had thought somewhat similarly about them as I had about them in iv save the expansion stages, mostly boring still loops that don’t really add much to immersion, but the Chinese stage had given me a small hope that they might be getting closer to more entertaining backgrounds. The night day transitions are a big plus in my opinion. Really glad to see more dynamic backgrounds for a change.

I’m a big fan of some of the 3S backgrounds

That was one the first rumor we heard about, right ?

I hope we can, or will be able to, choose the variation.

Even though the 3s backgrounds are more static than their predecessors, they were great to look at with consistent color palettes and they didn’t go crazy with the saturation. They work better as art than as actual stages in a fighting game. Alpha 2/3 still have the best stages in the entire series.

It would be crazy if we got real-time day/night cycle and real-time weather conditions…

Yeah, Ken Bogard leaked all that way back.