Day One Patch

Where is it?

I got a patch. Updated to version 1.01 on monday after PSN came back up

that’s not the one with the extra colors/fixes that was supposedly coming out?

I’m guessing not

well seeing as how megaman and pacman are being released next week on march 13th I figure thats going to be the day one patch we were promised with dlc colors.

I’ve had the game early… since March 1 (last Thursday) and the version 1.01 patch was available first thing since i booted up the game almost a week ago

Im guessing the next patch will be on the 13th probably…

that article however only says that on the 13th pacman and megaman will become available for download… it doesn’t specifically state its a Patch… nor does it say anything about fixing the online sound glitches/ additional colors/ or tournament mode - usb update…

but i would think the colors and sound glitches will be fixed by then… I have a feeling there gonna lag on the tournament mode - usb update… but who knows?