Dayton, Ohio: Where fun goes to die

Here’s yet another new Dayton thread as the other one dies. I’m the Doctor. If you’re new to Dayton or planning on moving here, this is the place to get in contact with most of the people that play here. Welcome to Dayton!

I play SF4, 3S, HDR, JoJos, A3, GGAC, MvC2 and soon Blaz Blue. I’m a plain rotten son of a bitch but I get along with most people pretty well.

Daytonians get together about once a week. Sometimes on a weeknight, but the most typical meeting is at WSU and usually on a Friday. There have also been many Saturday and Sunday meetings either at WSU or someone’s home. Recently, people have been going to Illuminaudi, a card store in West Chester. They have a lot of TVs for public use.

Who’s who?
The Doctor - Josh Queen (Cincinnati native)
Actionhank - Adam
Delpheous - Jason
Arkayne - Quentin
Darius Stewart - <
TRKT - Kameron
DizzyNecro - Fred
Doragonkoroshi - Matt
Techdatshit - Josiah
Yumyumsnorlas - Nick
Daddy Neptune - Quan
Murderbydeath - Jordyn
Riot Guard - Mario (Lives in Indiana now)
Otter - Lee
Yetighettoslang - Luke
Ailerus - Zach
BlueNu - John

If you don’t like drama, click here for a less dramatic thread that’s still in the area.

First page in the new Dayton thread?

josh read floes sticky at the top… were not making new threads after 1000 anymore.

I like the title…

I feel so rebellious.

The land where Mike South doesn’t dwell…unless he truly felt like conquering it…

He could too, we just have too many goddamn Japanese sticks. False alarm on the get together, it won’t be this week, but next. Post up and tell me what days you could come out so I can figure out the best time to set. If we can get enough people I’d like to run some fun team/side tourneys (no money involved unless you want to) like we did at Keith’s that one time. Cinci said they wanted to come out.

Gathering @ Dayton sometime next week huh…sounds interesting. :tup:

If something is going down & if I’m not working/spending time w/ Ems, I’ll go up there 4 sure. :tup:

So we’re going with this thread then? I hate it already.

My stick broke

My stick broke

It loves you reguardless.


Comb yo beard, I don’t wanna hear that shit! I’ve got the due that did that voice on my PSN friendlist, yet to play anything with him though. And games with the Dayton Fam next week possibly maybe? Would most certainly be fun to come up. Also I’ll likely be down at Gameworks tomorrow if anyone’s coming through.

Where at in Dayton is this going down?

I wanna clear my schedule now.

that sucks fred

That sucks fred


That’s pretty funny.

No Charles! Charles get out my head Charles!


Sup guys. Sorry I haven’t been making it out to shit, but like I said I’m just trying to stay in budget. If anyone wants to meet up at WSU sometime to play though, it’s close enough that I can manage meeting up there occasionally to play stuff. I’d be down for SF4/BB. I can bring my 360 and BB. Just holler at me if you wanna do a WSU gathering.

Once I get a good rhythm and find myself with a bit more cash, I’ll try to start making it out to AL and Lemanda’s place, but for now I just don’t have the gas xD

If you have never heard about the juggernaut bitch, you apparently dont have the real internet.

Nick: “Lemanda”? Have we become a celebrity couple?

Why can’t we be Amanda-Lee? Or like Andalee? Well, I guess Lemanda is ok.


Nice, shiny new thread.

@Actionhank: Is this get together at someone’s home or at WSU? (I missed it if you mentioned it before) In any event, I’m free on Tue, Thurs, and Fri evenings. Saturdays too, if I choose not to go to AL.