Dayton, Ohio. Where no one has ever heard of you

Here’s yet another new Dayton thread as the other one dies. I’m the Doctor. If you’re new to Dayton or planning on moving here, this is the place to get in contact with most of the people that play here. Welcome to Dayton!

I play SF4, 3S, HDR, JoJos, A3, GGAC, MvC2 and soon Blaz Blue. I’m a plain rotten son of a bitch but I get along with most people pretty well.

Daytonians get together about once a week. Sometimes on a weeknight, but the most typical meeting is at WSU and usually on a Friday. There have also been many Saturday and Sunday meetings either at WSU or someone’s home. Recently, people have been going to Illuminaudi, a card store in West Chester. They have a lot of TVs for public use.

Who’s who?
The Doctor - Josh Queen (Cincinnati native)
Actionhank - Adam
Delpheous - Jason
Arkayne - Quentin
Darius Stewart - <
TRKT - Kameron
DizzyNecro - Fred
Doragonkoroshi - Matt
Techdatshit - Josiah
Yumyumsnorlas - Nick
Daddy Neptune - Quan
Murderbydeath - Jordyn
Riot Guard - Mario (Lives in Indiana now)
Otter - Lee
Yetighettoslang - Luke
Ailerus - Zach
BlueNu - John

I can’t remember any more right now, due to exhaustion.

First official double post. A heads up for the entire community. FOCUS CANCEL IS A HOAX. READ MORE HERE!

Thanks Josh. I would have beaten you to this, but I was all out of creative thread titles. You left Luke out. He posts in Dayton sometimes. Also, did Mario ever live in Dayton? We should red rover him over though somehow.

psst even though I don’t live in dayton add me to the list

I was gonna swoop in with “Dayton, OH: The Wheel of Hate is Turning”

oh well, it wont be relevant next time.

for what its worth, I feel like im at a disatvantage against Rufus as Ryu. Ryu cant handle rushdown too well and as long as you bait shoryus then standing close fierce into rolly polly you’re all good.

Just dont rely on divekicks as much as usual.

Josh something with our title has to have hate in it LOL

Didn’t Wong just say in that interview that any character has a fair chance in 4 except against Seth? Yeah…

Also, I’m sure Wong hasn’t thought of that Lee. You should enlighten him.

Fine, hate will be the topic of the NEXT thread.

Wow. I gotta give the man props. The scam is boarded up fairly well. What made you call the hotel Josh?

…and Matt, I’ll tag on to your post with something Adam said the other day: “When I played Justin Wong [in 3rd Strike] at MWC, apparently we weren’t even playing the same game!”

That is…Of course Wong wins, but it’s because he plays Capcom games at a TOTALLY different style. If I understood this correctly, Adam is saying Street Fighter is simply boiled down to just perfect spacing, hit confirming, and great reflexes. Nothing else. I watched most of Devastation and that is EXACTLY what I noticed, especially against Wong. In reference to your post, I think that is how Wong means that in Street Fighter 4.

You don’t have Daigo’s Shoryu reaction time either…no offense.

Edit: Kam don’t get me wrong, mind games play a role there as well. Fighting games are a multitude of factors going on at once, reflex, spacing and mind games (which really is just thinking ahead…your spacing sets yourself and your opponent into a specific situation, then you wait for their response, thinking about their options while you think about yours. This example mainly applies to 2d footsies though, everyone thinks about these things differently). Large breath hit confirming is mostly a 3s thing, most games these days your super/ultra/whatever is free at a specific point in a combo/juggle (see SF4).

Because Josh is a loving man who loves this community and actually cares if idiots get ripped off.

…I think.

There must be some more plausible explanation.

Eh I guess I should just buy a justin action figure and stop playing. I would like nothing more than to play a ryu who throws srks all day thats free wins.

also, why would a drug dealer look for money in street fighter? and how would he collect the money without a venue? case is not closed yet…

Hey, I care. I care plenty. Otherwise what the damned point?

I’m not saying become Marn and get on his nuts or anything, just recognize that he’s been a top competitor for a long time, and that there must be a reason for it, and that he’s been playing sf4 much longer than you have, and has played more tournament matches than you have, and has played Daigo more than you have. In other words, his opinion is in all likelihood more valid and more informed than yours on this matter. By far.

Also, I didn’t mean for this to sound harsh, I just want to be clear that I don’t see why taking his word over yours on this matter makes me a fanboy. Actually, I’m more likely to back whoever Justin’s opponent is in most cases rather than him.

Now maybe you also are willing to believe Justin on this matchup, and were just saying what your experience has been, but if that’s the case, you should have just said so in your response.

Anyway, I feel like I pick on you a lot, but I hope you know that I still think you’re really chill from the few times I’ve hung with you. I think sf4 just angries up my blood.

Edit: Also Josh, the point is that you and Michael Brandt are in cahoots and are working together to destroy fighting games for-eh-varr. It all started when you took the frames out of sf4.

no offense taken. although obviously justin>me, I was just pointing out that matchups are kind of a personal thing and its strange that I dont like playing a 7/3 game.

kind of like how justin likes abel vs ryu which im sure is not smart on paper.

Good shit on exposing Focus Cancel.

Agreed. Good lookin’ out JQ. I don’t know how you sniffed this dude out so quick, but you clearly have resources us non-organizers know nothing about. Really not cool trying to rip people off.

(a phone)

Thanks man.