Daytona Beach FL - We have arrived

A new local event has been announced! Thanks to HuggyBear and Krist for getting the damn thing done!

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SRK Thread

As loathe as I am to admit it, making a Daytona Beach thread probably ain’t the best idea. There is a fledgling scene 'round these parts, but the powers that be decided that we’re too close to JAX and ORL to warrant us getting our own thread. But before this beast gets taken down (let’s hope it doesn’t), Let me welcome you to the Daytona Beach scene. Hit me up in a PM if the thread gets squashed and I’ll let you know bout the casuals I throw every week, as well as whatever local tournaments are gonna be in the area in the near future

Yessir we exist, if you hit up Huggy Bear he will give u the low down. We usually get together and game on Tuesdays and when schools in session at Bethune Cookman University I usually get game nights going there on Fridays. Let us know whats up.

Yeah, as luck would have it, there is most likely going to be a get-together at my house tonight (or Daytona Lagoon, if I can sweet-talk them well enough). Hit me up (386) 295-6314 for info

Yea we’re here

Daytona’s one and only bad vega reporting in son.

Also, I’m pretty sure that me and Mike are going to just straight lab for a hot minute, maybe impart some of that wisdom I picked up from Rico at CEO. Also, I’m fairly certain that my car needs to contain Myself, Mike, Terry, and Stephen for the next tournament that is attended

Well I’m glad there are others out there. And yeah the Orlando/Jax deal is a bit much, especially with gas prices haha.

I don’t think there should be anything wrong with a Daytona Beach thread. It’s a city of its own and it deserves a community of its own separate from Jacksonville and Orlando. I think the mods should be supportive of that.

All the Daytona guys should post there Gamertags or PSN ID and i’ll keep a running list. Although I’m sure you guys already have swapped them.

Yeah were here, We host a game night every tuesday. Post up your facebook or PM and ill add you to the group. We actually have some bigger plans in the works, so hopefully theyll keep this here.

I work at electronics in the Granada Wal-Mart say hi sometime if you see me,

So, I’m after realizing that I’m god awful with Chun, who’s a horrible anchor, I’m thinking about benching her for Magnus. Any ideas on the new team order (Zero and Sentinel) or anyone able to help me learn him better?

Your thread isn’t closed yet, is it? :slight_smile:

I’ll let my friend in Daytona know. Where is the game night?

I actually just picked up MvC3 the other day and I have no idea how to play on any sort of level other than normal arcade hahah. Anyone have any tips on how to just get better at the base game. I know a few crappy combos, but when I get in game online or against a friend I can’t do them and I get completely overwhelmed.

I appreciate it. I know for some reason a year or so back, someone decided to troll and make a Daytona thread just to be an asshat and ruin our name, so I thank you for allowing us this chance. And as JDog said, driving to either of those places for casuals is quite a bitch on gas.

As of now, until Burn Extreme Bar and Grille opens back up, it’s in my apartment, just text your friend my number or have him PM me and I’ll give him directions.

I can teach you a few things, but unless you squad up with either Zero or Sent, what you get from me probably won’t be all that helpful.

With the new version of the site, the point of having a minimized number of threads has gone away - there’s enough room on the first page to put some more specialized area threads. That is, as long as the asshats don’t arrive.

Not really interested in Zero but Sent is an option.

Daytona, front and center. KilllaNew here. HB, we definately need to lab-up. The twins are pissin me off and I need to up my Abel/Chun matchup. JDog, I might be able to help if you got Dorm or Wolve on your team.

alright, just hit me up if you’re free on Tuesday. Apparently I got a tip that the movie theatre in PO is interested in doing some kind of weekly shindig, so I’m gonna try to talk to them tomorrow to see what’s up with that. Hopefully we could have weekly casuals there, since the general consensus is that my apartment bedroom is hot as hell (Which is what happens when you have 8-10 people and 2 running space-heaters in a small room).

Also, since we have answered the question of “Where are you?”, any chance on changing this thread name? Possibly to something remarking on how the depths of hell ain’t got nothing on my bedroom, since that’s an inside joke 90% of us get.