Daytona Beach FL - We have arrived

I’m attempting to do so, but I do not know how. I’m such a n00b bro!

So, prelim news on the whole PO movie theatre thing, if what my friend told me is true, fuck them. Like, I’m not entirely sure what SRK’s profanity policy is, but it warrants saying again, fuck them. Dude wants $20 a head to have casuals for a 4-hour block. I can’t stand people who just try to money-grab off of something legit we’re trying to do. Like, I can understand a venue charging a certain price for me hosting an event there, because I’m using their space that they could be hosting a different paying event in. Sure, if it’s a fair price I ain’t got no qualms with that. But YOU have the audacity to suggest that I bring MY consoles, MY games, and MY monitors to a spot so you can make stupid paper off of us? If that’s really the case, then go die in a fire, PO movie theatre guy

ALSO: REQUEST OFF WORK SAT. 11/5. Trust me on this.


Tuesday we should be throwing down for some pizza or such and drinks. If you guys are in.

^^^DOUBLE THIS. :smiley:

Casuals, tonight, my place. Be there, and someone bring a copy of Marvel because I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more Magnus

Holy shit is there actually a daytona beach thread? I used to live in daytona, sucks TBH. Not the players, im sure you guys are legit. But daytona beach fuckin blows

Finally we got a thread! Well kind of, I’m in Deland.

Anybody nearby down for some casuals? Don’t have XBL so I’m in some serious need of something other than the lab/cpu on hardest. I’m desperate out here. AE, MvC3, MK9, I’m down for whatever. Hit me up.

Yeah, Casuals tonight at my place, around 7:00, just give me a call (386)295-6314 if you want it.

Wish I could. I usually work til’ 8pm during the week and then I got to go home to the wifey. Let me know if you guys ever plan on doing something on the weekend though.

Thread is up for the 11/5 tournament. Red Spark: Ignition is a Go! Within 12 hours of making the event on Facebook we’ve already got entrants from Jacksonville to Miami. The event Daytona has been waiting for is only a few short months away.

SRK Link: [Nov 5, 2011] Red Spark: Ignition SSF4AE/MvC3/BBCS2 and more (Daytona Beach, FL)
Facebook Link: (feel free to add me [Antonio Del Valle])

Also, get at me for some casuals today, got the day off and need to get some practice in

Hey folks. This is Da Wingless Fly AKA Da Joker Killa! The Daytona gaming community is alive and kicking! Tuesday nights at Huggy Bear’s apartment and Bethune Cookman University’s Friday nights when school comes back in August. I play too many fightning games and I’m sub-par at most of them. Average Dudley player and scrubby Guy player.

SN: iinvesting in buying a fight stick…or creating one. Decisions, decisions…

Updated first post. Also I looked into it and you can no longer edit thread topic name.

No big deal, we just gotta post until we get to 1,000 then we can make a new thread with a new name. We’re only like 966 posts away from that, and if everyone posts about the same amount as we have been, it’ll only take us…11.3 months…
In other news, it looks like Tuesday nights are going to be moved starting next week, I’ll drop the details down the grapevine once I get everything set up with it

So who’s all coming to my crib Tuesday Night?

I’ll be there. Looking to head out right now actually.

Ok. Hands up everyone that saw UMVC3 coming…

I just wannna say that with all the crazy announcements and cool footage being released, its a great time for fighters. UMVC3, SxT, Arcana Heart 3, TxS, TTT3, KoF XIII, its endless. If fighting games were crack, we’d see people 100lbs, in tattered clothes, panhandling ppl on the street for best of 3 matches or holding a sign that says “Will work for DLC.”

Oh, and if there was ever a reason I would play MK9, its Freddy Fucking Krueger. They said he’s the last DLC, but Jason Voorhies would make it really complete. Why not a whole other MDK fighter based on horror flick chars and MK chars in the vein of MK vs DC? Anyone else feeling real good about the future of fighters?

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To be honest though, it may be too much. It may be a great time to be a FG fan now, but there’s waaay too many games to play. It’s gonna be '99-'00 all over again, and then we’ll be stuck with guilty gear for the next 8 years

I’m just concerned about them not saying anything about UMvC3 being a DLC option. I don’t think it’d be fair for people who already own MvC3 to have to buy the dics. $40 is still a bit much.

Is anyone else interested in starting a running list of arcade machine location with decent games?
I know there’s a MvC2 machine at the boardwalk and there is a Guilty Gear machine in Daytona Lagoon. Anyone else know anymore?