Daytona Thread: Tan all day... Game all night!

Good to see Ormand beach come out this weekend, you guys came out in force.
Our community is growing super fast, and we have the talent here to be the best in florida.

It was great to see everyone at the event.
The full results are up at
Details for the next one will be up soon.

Russle and I are carpoolong to the next orlando event with two cars, if anyone wants in just send a PM.
(Just pitch in for gas money)

Wow finally our own thread, thanks to all that made this possible. We have grown so much. I would say Daytona and Ormand Beach area is way bigger than anyone ever anticipated it would ever be. I think tourneys like Project Storm and this weekend proved that. Good Shit Guys!! Keep up the good work and rep our area hardcore!

No one made this possible, Daytona Dave just didn’t read the rules.

You’re 40 miles away from Orlando, I guarantee you you’re going to have more luck going to that thread and finding people. This has been tried before, and all it did was make things more confusing for people. I’ll leave this open for now, but if there aren’t a few more hits and posts in a few days, it’s getting merged with the Orlando thread.

SO… like last time I so scrubbed out hardcore. Im going to get you this time Dave!!! You and your gay wiimote waggling action! Your not going to beat me!! I’ve been playing against the computer on the hardest difficulty. I am ready for the next tournament!

Man!!! Even tho I dont play those games, I still showed up, and had a good time. There was some dope peeps!!! They were so dope, I thought they were dealers. LOL. But its true. The best are bread over here!

Epic!! whats up man, I couldn’t stay for long so I might have missed you last weekend. Don’t let Dave get ya man, ya gotta keep your head up. Most peeps don’t know about that Wii Waggle Combos son. Anyway we got to get together more, maybe this week like Wednesday or something. Let me know if that is good. Same time as usual.

Yes, we pattened the wiimote waggle here in Daytona. It’s too dangerous.
Dont be too hard on yourself in sf4, you did well. Not sure why you thought it was a good idea to money match Russle though! He’s won a a bunch of our local tournaments, did he hussle you?
Russle the hustler

I’m glad you guys showed up to the event. I’ve been trying to reach out here and get people to notice (even posted the event on the calendar), but it seems that might not be enough. I’m glad you started a thread - Project Storm is soon to be here, and we @ B-KIN are throwing down some quality jams ourselves…but I swear this to you now, the best has yet to come. Keep your eyes open for news in the coming weeks.

Results, breakdown and video of the matches are soon to appear. Just been busy with work and stuff. Damn day job.

I would be happy to pitch in some gas money, I want to go to Orlando and play that GoogleMyName (Alex Jebaily). For being so close we never get a chance to play Orlando. I am sure that more people would be willing to go.

Finally a thread for us in the hot heart land. im really glad they finally let this happen.

Got to show some support to the team out in Daytona. Good looks Team B-Kin for putting together a good show.

Got to say though, the Blue Dragon is kind of out in the woods, took me about an hour to get there LOL.

No problem, i PMd you my number just hit me up some time, or come out to one of the get togethers on the weekend.
Wow googlemyname is alex jebaylie? I remember this guy from the DDR tournament days. This is the guy you’re talking about right? [media=youtube]den_AWgdWsU[/media]
he was basically the laughing stock of the DDR circuit, and the laughing stock of the marvel card game. i’m pretty sure people were making fun of him for something at the evolution tournament too but i dont know the details on that.
if this guy is the best in orlando then orlando is way shittier than i thought, our daytona guys will run through them all no problem.

we should set up some money matches for some free money

Word Up Vinnie is in the building!

As I said on the B-Kin site to Eric, you talk your mess after you win. Not pole jockin’ or nothin,’ but Jebaily is one of the best players in that Orlando, and I garuntee he didn’t get that way by playing nobodys.

But none of that has to do with the subject at hand, which I am changing to, Jr? Really? I’m still a little burnt up my driver is on Hendrick Motorsports now, but Jr? JP (for the most part) :razz:.

I watched him on the stream he was loosing bad, I mean BAD, and just random ultra out of sheer desperation. The whole crowd was like WTF, then Seth called him a G2 RYU and everyone laughed and made fun of him. I also saw some EVO footage where he throws a temper tantrum in some random room. Everyone there seemed like they hated him too. I didn’t know this was the same guy. I can’t believe nobody in Orlando can beat this guy, talk about king of the nobody’s.

Hey there, I’m another Daytona/Central Florida gamer here. I hang out with the bkin crew alot. But ny friends and I at Bethune also try to get game nights going at Bethune Cookman University every Friday. If your interested hit me up here or on bkins site. Heres a link to the thread where we posted directions to the meeting area and specifics on whats going down when there are acutal specifics.

I’m having another get together at my beach house next week, thanks to everyone who came out to the last one it was a great time.

PM me for directions/phone number if anyone wants to get some games in next weekend. We had about 15 people last time hope we can get some more this time maybe even throw some mini tournaments

WHEN NERDS ATTACK! LMAO at the fact that you’re clowning Jebailey. You can’t laugh at anyone, you played DDR and the marvel card game, you lame ass. What were you too young to register for the Yu Gi Oh tourney? If you were smart you wouldn’t even think of driving to Orlando unless you have an overabundance of money and self-esteem that you’re willing to part with.

I didn’t think the Black Jesus would be up before noon. j/k Do you really believe Alex Jebaliy is good on any level in Street Fighter 4. He single handedly embarrassed the entire Atlantic South with is EVO team tourney showing, and continues to perpetrate a “top player” status while avoiding better players than himself. Where is he now? Hiding from the truth? Don’t stick up for him, he probably wouldn’t do the same for you.

Isn’t Daytona main game Smash Brothers with items? What’s shitty is an tournament with no SFIV and the highlight of the tournament was Wiimote wiggle? Please bring money to Orlando because I need new clothes to buy for spring break. Alex will run through all you guys and I’ll put money on that.

Bob Smack please don’t merge these scrubs with Orlando thread.

I actually did get to play alex in sf4 back in june at the florida gaming tournament. I wasnt aware he was googlemyname though. The results were pretty ugly. It was about 20-0 vs him in casual and everyone else. The only people that even won at all were the people that ended up getting top two in that tournament.
Luckily neither of those beasts were from orlando, so we’re going to have no problem going in there and swiping orlando’s money, they were all pretty bad.

Daytona is going to roll in there with our sweet tans and take all of Orlando’s money faster than fate has taken away Jebailys hairline.