DayZ - Go ahead, shoot that Enfield. I dare you


Anyone else addicted to this DayZ flavored crack?

Share your war stories or arrange server meetups here to bring some hadoukens into Cherno…


I would plan on playing sometime, But my game is acting up.
DayZ Is amazing though after you get around the clunky military sim controls


Got My copy working again today (Finally)
Ended up playing with a buddy on US 266.
We were in the church waiting for another buddy to get on when a random player spawned next to me.
I point blank shot him in the face with my Lee Enfield.
now I have an Alice pack full of food XD.


I try not to kill on sight; just because I was killed on sight when spawning a couple times and it made the game less interesting than trying to interact.

But truth is everyone is out for the murders just to stay safe so gotta do it sometimes.

Alice pack is great, I had one and then got shot through a building somehow and died.

Ballsy using a Lee Enfield, that gun is the loudest shit ever, did you have every zombie in town on you?

Oooh, finally announced a standalone


Yeah, That was actually My first Player kill on DayZ
I kind of got conditioned into shooting on sight.
All of the times that I meet a player that isn’t a part of my group of buddies that play together they usually screw us over and kill us.

Its mostly for survival, cause I know how much it sucks.

But surprisingly we didn’t have many zombies surrounding the church so we were able to escape.
I also found some bikes so that helped our getaway.

Good for them, i’m glad this is going to become a standalone game.


Man, just gotta do it sometimes, I was starving and down to only 300 blood in a barn with only a hatchet, had a guy come in, either to loot or kill me. I hid and ran out and hacked him down. Felt bad but I was still alive. That is the whole amazing point of DayZ IMO…I was still alive.