Dazed and Konfuzed Video Game Tourney- Cal Poly Pomona- 4/26

This is going to be the same as last time… Our games are going to be CvS2, MvC2, 3s, T5:DR, SSF II Hyper, GG Accent Core. It will be $5 a game like always. Doors will open at 11:30am to register. Registration will end 1pm and that is when the tournament will begin. Plz be on time so we can get out ASAP.

Bring food.

3801 W. Temple Ave
Pomona, CA 91768

Parking in the student or faculty lots are free on weekends.


oh snap … time to start playing again


What game is this?

vegas crew might roll out anyone wanna mm in accent core?

A few of us from Tucson, AZ should be showin’ up. Is it best 2/3 matches and double elimination??

Yes it is.

chobo. ill mm you in marvel. $200?

I rather do it on console :(! so evo, I’m worse on arcade and I’m not even that good on console. But I rather do it on dc :slight_smile:

um, will there be down time where we can play some casual matches?

also if i can’t bring a stick will someone let me use one?

If I end up making out to pamona in time, you can use my stick np…as long as i’m not using it, heh.

Will there be any place to set up consoles for casuals?

ILL be there on pomona tourney 2 smoke everybody…yah di99

We have plugs, if you want to bring a T.V. and your console?

word, how late do you think you’ll run?

Jphres: wanna do another MM hahaha…

ill be there…

is this still going down

gl hf