Dazzle DVC100 Streaming Audio Problems


Hello all,

Im having some problems with the audio on trying to stream some games on my ps3. The device I am using is a DazzleDVC 100 to stream on Justin.Tv; the video works fine its just that there is no audio. I have followed the directions carefully ill post some links that I have been following

How to get the Dazzle DVC 100 audio working in FME 3.0 - Justin.tv Community Help Forums

this link describes the issues I have been having and I have followed the instructions but to no avail

I have downloaded the Adobe Flash Media Encoder 3 and followed the prompts.

How to set up a Dazzle DVC 100 – Watch

everything is properly connected here in regards to the set-up in general but maybe there is a step I am missing I am not sure

any help would be appreciated


i had this problem too, and here’s how i fixed it

  1. Download and install Virtual Audio Cable 4.10
  2. Open Audio Repeater KS (must be KS, other one won’t recognize the dazzle)
  3. Set Wave In to the dazzle, and Wave out to Virtual Cable 1
  4. Hit start

and make sure that you do this every time you want to stream

good luck!


^^Thank you for the suggestion but do you know of any other possible methods?

its not working for me im thinking it may have to do with type the of computer you may have imo…

I have windows vista 32 bit…


I have the same issue with my Dazzle. It worked fine on Windows XP, but on Windows 7 I get no audio.


When I’m not using a mixer, I use a RCA to 1/8" adapter. Its pretty much fail proof and you use the line-in/mic in port on your computer(all computers should have either). FME will recognize it no problems. They are cheap and easy to find in pretty much any electronics or audio store.

Y-Adapter, Phono Jacks to Stereo 1/8" Plug - RadioShack.com


Pretty much this, I use a different 3.5mm male to RCA female cable but I use it so I can use my headphones+X-fi audio post processing with my 360. I <3 CMSS-3D too much to play without it.