dazzle halp pls


how i fix quality?



you dont, thats actually pretty good quality for a dazzel


money back


if you want something HD you’re only real option is a Happauge HDPVR which is 200 dollars


money BACK!!!
I’ll just edit in sony vegas and post here later


There is NO WAY to make the quality better you can add a color corrector that changes Studio RBG to Computer but stretching the frames or anything else you do will not change the quality


Dazzle was never meant to be some highend capture device. Mostly a lowgrade entry level item that most people would be fine with.

But before you go ahead and bring it back exactly which input did you use?

composite < S-video < SD Component/RGB< HD Component < HDMI (not getting into PC inputs like VGA and DVI)

So if you captured with the composite and have an s-video input on the dazzle device try that before.

Otherwise try something more expensive.

HDRECS (aka Canopus Pegasus) 800-1000 dollars
Black Magic Intensity/Pro/USB3 200-300 dollars
Happauge HDPVR 200-300 dollars I think

Or maybe even a regular DVD recorder