DB15 Color wire pinout for laugh psx to jamma converter

Does anyone know what the standard DB15 pinout is?

Like a diagram w/ color wires, trying to hook my PSX to Jamma converter…

Black is pinout 1
Red is pinout 2
Blue is pinout 3


Cant seem to find it


Laugh has it in his store…

Thanks for the reply but I’m looking for the wiring color code for a db15 cable.

For example 1 is ground but what color wire is i or 2 is button 6 but what color wire is it. Also speaking of laugh Psx to jamma is there guide that shows how to wire it all up to a cab

DA-15 not DB-15.

As for the color code, it depends on the pad/PCB. I recall at least that PS cables were notorious for having non standardized pinout colours.

It’s got a PSx female on one side (PSx) and the DA-15 common ground on the other side. You can wire the JAMMA harness to a DA-15 connector based on the image, or, I suppose, solder in to the converter. If you want to do wire-to-wire stuff, Toodles’ converter is more economical though.

Your best bet to wire this thing to a cab could be to either hack into your existing JAMMA harness and split the necessary wires into something like this or wire up a JAMMA fingerboard that would act as a bypass straight to your converter. I’ve seen both options in practice before. I think the first option is probably the cleanest and wouldn’t require soldering either. If I cared enough to hook up my converters to a cab, I would definitely go with that option. You won’t need to worry about hacking a DB15 cable since you’re hacking the JAMMA harness directly to the DB15 connector at that point. The only other thing to worry about would be how to expose the PSX connector if you wish to keep your cab closed off from the inside.

me dumb me need pictures, do you happen to have a pic of how one is setup…

Man this is getting way to expensive & more complicated then i expected…I got the laugh convert cuz i thought it was pretty much plug in play, the thing is ridiculously expensive…I wanted an adapter so i can bring to tourney so people who play w/ pad or are more comfortable w/ their own stick…

I don’t have pics because I didn’t do this on my cab. However, I know it works because I’ve seen other people that did do it. It’s not that bad. All you need to do is identify the wires in the JAMMA harness + CPS(any) kick harness (I’m assuming you want to wire up kick buttons for Capcom games) that you need to match up with the provided pinout, splice them out and hook up each one to each pin of a DB15 connector. Aside from a way to expose the converter/DB15 port on the cab itself, that is all that is necessary to get this done.

laugh built those converters for superguns, which is why it follows the DB15 standard since most of them are built that way for the controller interface. They can and do also work with cabs too because it’s meant to work within the JAMMA harness, but there will be some work involved in making it happen for a cab. There is no way around this. It’s not like you can see a DB15 controller port just sticking out of a cab somewhere. It’s not that bad, but there is some work involved.

Litterally, all you need to get this done is the following:

  • 2x laugh converters
  • 2x DB15 connectors
  • access to the JAMMA and kick harnesses in your cab + a pinout chart like this
  • several terminal strips (like this) to splice the wires
  • wire stripper
  • wire

Depending on how much or how little you want to solder and what you might already have laying around, you’re maybe looking at $130-$150 as a rough estimate, most of which will be the cost of the converters themselves. I’ve done a project like this to split the video signal from the JAMMA harness in my cab to another device and I am electronically handicapped to be sure, so I know it’s not that hard.

Wow i just realize i im going to spend like $150 & somewhat mess up my wire for just that one guy who dont like using arcade controls…haha I would have been better off just bringing in a supergun…

I would be interested in seeing your video signal splitting. Would be sweet to have a head to head cab setup.

thanks again