DBQ BBQ 4 results (4/12/08)

3rd Strike (36 entries)
1st – Bob Washington
2nd – Part 2 (split with Bob)
3rd – Murphagator
4th – Humbag
5th – Arsenal, Keela
7th – Mario, Olli/Galdaien (Olli, wtf is that name? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
9th – Flexo, CrackaJ, Sunn, Wessssss
13th – Stefan, Sonny, Rex, Max
17th – Nives, Tim, Lest, Brian, Grog, Keits, Hogosha, Arturo
25th – Prok, Taylor, Steve, Yasche, DTJB, Emperor Pants, Tarkan X, KatraQueyous
33rd – Perseo, J1n, Faellie, Jude

Super Turbo (24 entries)
1st – Dirty Dancing
2nd – Wessss
3rd – Keits
4th – Tarkan X
5th – Rex, Jude
7th – Murphy, Olli
9th – Mario, Flexo, Stefan, Emperor Pants
13th – KQ, Keela, Sonny, Humbag
17th – Hogosha, Arturo, Kennywood, DTJB, Max, Lest, CrackaJ, Tim

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (10 entries)
1st – NKI
2nd – Rex
3rd – Bob Washington
4th – Kennywood
5th – Swerve, Humbag
7th – Keits, Mario
9th – Fenix, Tim

Capcom vs SNK 2 (17 entries)
1st – Rex
2nd – Wesssss
3rd – Kennywood
4th – Fenix
5th – Stefan, Bob Washington
7th – Cracka J, Keits
9th – Sonny, Mario, Emperor Pants, Arturo
13th – Part2, Grog, TarkanX, Humbag
17th – Luigi-Bo

Arcana Heart (6 entries)
1st – NappyJin
2nd – Orka
3rd – Part2
4th – Humbag
5th – Snake
6th – PBJ_Mixxa

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (20 entries)
1st – Snake
2nd – Bob Washington
3rd – Nives
4th – Humbag
5th – Murphy, Stefan
7th – Max, Cracka J
9th – Nappy, J1n, Part2, Luigi-Bo
13th – Keela, Katra, PBJ, Orka
17th – Hogosha, DTJB, Jude, Grog

All-Brawl full results (17 entries) (Keits – Filled in where I remembered who played what character.)
1.) Emperor Pants (Undefeated) - IKE
2.) Hogosha (Beat by Keits, Emperor Pants) - PEACH, ZAMUS
3.) Luigi-Bo (Beat by Hogosha, Emperor Pants) - ZELDA
4.) Grog (Beat by Keits, Hogosha) - FALCO
5.) Keits (Beat by Grog, Emperor Pants) - WARIO, PT
5.) DTJB (Beat by Hogosha, Luigi-Bo) - WARIO, PIT
7.) Olli (Beat by Grog, DTJB) - LUCAS
7.) MURPHAGATOR (Beat by Hogosha, Emperor Pants) - G&W, SNAKE
9.) Humbag (Beat by Olli, Emperor Pants) - DEDEDE
9.) Shogun17 (Beat by Grog, Luigi-Bo) - ???
9.) NappyJin (Beat by Hogosha, Shogun17) - NESS
9.) Rexor (Beat by MURPH, DTJB) - ???
13.) CrackaJ (Beat by Humbag, Olli) - ???
14.) j1n (Beat by Humbag, MURPH) - SNAKE
14.) Faellie (Beat by Grog, Hogosha) - PIT, LUCARIO
14.) Jude (Beat by Nappyjin, Luigi-Bo) - ???
14.) Heza-Chan (Beat by Rexor, CrackaJ) - PIKACHU

Any videos captured?

Jose-Good job man. Did you play Ibuki?

NKI showing fools whats up.

I have full All Brawl Results, if you dont mind editing them into the first post.

17 Entries, forgot whom everyone played as. Video taped all of it.

1.) Emperor Pants (Undefeated) - IKE
2.) Hogosha (Beat by Keits, Emperor Pants) - PEACH, ZAMUS
3.) Luigi-Bo (Beat by Hogosha, Emperor Pants) - ZELDA
4.) Grog (Beat by Keits, Hogosha) - FALCO
5.) Keits (Beat by Grog, Emperor Pants) - WARIO, PT
5.) DTJB (Beat by Hogosha, Luigi-Bo) - WARIO
7.) Olli (Beat by Grog, DTJB) - ???
7.) MURPHAGATOR (Beat by Hogosha, Emperor Pants) - G&W
9.) Humbag (Beat by Olli, Emperor Pants) - DEDEDE
9.) Shogun17 (Beat by Grog, Luigi-Bo) - ???
9.) NappyJin (Beat by Hogosha, Shogun17) - ???
9.) Rexor (Beat by MURPH, DTJB) - ???
13.) CrackaJ (Beat by Humbag, Olli) - ???
14.) j1n (Beat by Humbag, MURPH) - SNAKE
14.) Faellie (Beat by Grog, Hogosha) - PIT
14.) Jude (Beat by Nappyjin, Luigi-Bo) - ???
14.) Heza-Chan (Beat by Rexor, CrackaJ) - PIKACHU

Holy shit. Don’t even know where to begin, yesterday was too much. ^^;

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to this. I was expecting 20 when I first announced this tourney and was preparing for 30. If I’m counting right on the entry lists, we had 44 total people, and 36 of them entered 3rd Strike. I was beyond happy, but damn if I wasn’t scared shitless.

Second, I owe a huge thanks to everyone who helped out. HUGE effing props to Alex (Keela) for helping run Super Turbo and 3rd Strike and, of course, for letting us use his cabs. Seeing people lined up behind those things to play was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. And to Murphy for providing housing for nearly half of the people there and helping with a lot of stuff throughout the course of the day. I couldn’t have done any of this without you two helping me. Thanks as well to Humbag, Olli, Nappy, and PBJ for helping me run tourneys, Nives for recording, and to everyone who brought equipment.

Third, I also owe everyone an apology. I definitely wasn’t prepared as well as I needed to be for this. Not being able to run 2v2 or 5v5 was entirely my fault, and I’m sorry to everyone who was waiting for those. I didn’t expect CVS2 or GGXXAC to take as long as they did, and I had some huge hold-ups in CVS2 and 3S while waiting for people to play that were busy in other long-matched tourneys (mostly MVC2, CVS2, and Smash). I should’ve run things a lot smoother than I did, and I hope that doesn’t deter anyone from showing up for another one if I do this again next Autumn or Spring.

With all that said, I talked to the owner of the store last night and this morning a little. He mentioned that, next time I do one of these, we might be able to open up the store earlier, like at 10 or so. Hopefully by the time I organize another one, he’ll have hired an employee for the weekends. Even if it only gave me an extra hour to run tourneys (start at 12), the extra time beforehand to setup and everything would’ve done wonders.

I’ll accept any input you guys wanna throw at me. That was the first time I’ve run a multi-tourney event that size (closest things before that were a 34 person Melee tourney and a 35 person DDR tourney). It was a little overwhelming, but damn if it wasn’t awesome, and I’m more than up for another one sometime.

A couple things were left behind.
j1n and pr0k: I owe each of you two dollars for refunding the 2v2 tourneys. PM me and I’ll mail it to ya.
– There was a plastic zip-lock bag of $4.25 in quarters by where Smash was being run. I’m not mailing quarters, but I’ll mail paper. PM if it was yours.
– A burned-CD entitled “TDC Final V2 (By Toodles)” was left on the registration table that I was sitting at for most of the day. PM if I need to send it back to ya.
– A burned-CD. Top has no writing. Put it in my computer, looks like a Dreamcast backup of CVS2. I know someone was asking about either that or a backup of MVC2 near the end of the night. PM if it’s yours.
– Not something that I found, but Murphy can’t find his watch. Silver, has his name on it. I didn’t see it when I went back to clean up today.

Other than all that…I’m exhausted. Post away. And thanks again to everyone who showed up.

That should be my copy of MvC2 with nothing on the label. No worries about it, i can just make another in like 20 min heh.

Shout outs from me coming later.

I can tell you that olli plays lucas exclusively.

Post-tourney state 5v5 results at my place:
the teams were:

James (DTJB)
Matt (Lest)
Olli (Galedin or whatever the heck it is)
Alex (keela)

Andrew (Arsenal)

Whoever was first was not listed.
Jerry (knives)
Mike (Flexo/Aegis Neglector)
James (Humbag)

Desnan [not sure, I can’t read this]

We did part of a round-robin format, until a clear winner was determined.

1st set:
Wisconsin vs Minnesota, Wisconsin wins

2nd set:
Iowa vs Illinois, Iowa wins

3rd set:
Minnesota vs Illinois, Illinois wins

4th set:
Wisconsin vs Iowa, Iowa wins

5th set:
Iowa vs Minnestoa, Iowa wins.

And then we stopped since Iowa went undefeated. And I never even had to play, sukkas. :nunchuck:

Anyways, major props to everyone, I had a blast this weekend. Only casualty for me is that my watch is missing, if anyone picked it up, it should be easy to identify seeing as my name is engraved on it. Also, someone left a pair of sandals at my place, and also a burned MvC2 disk.

this weekend was sooo fun. :wgrin:

thanks a lot to all of iowa crew, good seeing some familiar faces, and congratulations to the winners! :tup:

so, 5v5 did happen… too bad i didn’t get to witness the madness. and too bad illinois team was incomplete. D:

Shogun17 was MARTH and Jude was GANON, i remembered.

If you want tips for next time, here I go!!!

1.) Raise venue fee, and use that to get the place to stay open longer. Its a nice venue, other than the bathroom situation.
2.) Get computerized. Gamma Bowl was my first computerized tourney and ill NEVER go back. Totally amazing time saver.
3.) Let people know you want more TVs. You can never have too many (for casuals or just to move the event forward so you can play more games).

Otherwise, had a good time. I’ll probably come to the next one if life allows it.

Hehe yeah IL team was just a random grouping of who was still available haha.

  1. Bathroom came up in conversation, too. It’s usually not clogged. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I didn’t realize that it was that bad until I got there, that’ll definitely be looked into next time. Venue fee, it’s an option. Josh (the owner) didn’t even care about that part, really.

  2. I’ll consider it. I don’t have a laptop and I’m very used to doing double-elim brackets on paper. Never did one for over 32 people before, but it wasn’t difficult. I’m surprisingly comfortable with whipping up tourneys on paper, and it makes it easier to mess around with the match-ups (like if I pair two people who drove together in the first round or something). I’ll mess around with Tournament Maker on the computer sometime for a while and see if I like how it handles or if I can do just as well on paper.

  3. TVs weren’t too much of a problem. Might’ve been able to fit one or two more setups, though…I’ll have a better idea for next time exactly how many TVs I’ll need.

Glad people had fun. :slight_smile:

Mario, Yeah… I used Ibuki but I also scrubbed out with Ken in situational matches. Thanks :tup:

Me and Eric decided to just play one set in Grand Finals to declare a winnner. I was in losers and he was in winners. I actually won the set but we still split it. I believe Jerry recorded everything from the Semi’s and up (and I think a few random matches).

Thanks to everyone from Iowa for putting on a good tourney. I had a great time and it was cool meeting all you guys.

Hogosha - Thanks for putting on this tourney. It’s natural for tourneys to not run on time so just remember that next time you run one. All in all, I had a good time.

Murph - Even though we didn’t stay at your place, Thanks for allowing us into your home. Good games man. That Oro is beastly.

Olli - It was good playing with you again. That Yun is still top notch. Stick with it man and I’ll see you again in the future.

Alex (Keela) - That Ibuki of yours is pretty bad ass! It was fun playing those mirrors against you even though that’s a really weird matchup. And also thanks for letting us all play on those dope Versus cabs. Probably the best thing I’ve ever played on!

Cristi (sp) - It was the weirdest feeling playing against someone and not knowing who it is only to see a GIRL getting off the other side of the cab! :wow: Nice Elena you got there! It was good to play against you.

Drew (Arsenal) - That match against you was probably the greatest match of the evening. It’s actually saved on Murph’s PS2 I believe. Everytime I see you, you seem to be getting better. GG’s man. We’ll be playing again soon.

James (Humbag) - Great games as always. I wasn’t expecting you to pick Chun at all so that was a definite curveball! We always have good matches. I gotta come visit you and…

Mike (Flexo) - Urien’s getting better man! A definite beast. Great casuals and our tourney match was good shit aswell.

Jerry - Thanks for letting me use that book. I’m going to start reading it tonight. Congrats on 3rd in GG. Your Sol was too solid.

Adam (Keits) - Man, I’m sorry I didn’t play Brawl but I was just too focused on 3S and other games. You’ll forgive me!

Jason (j1n) - WORST MATCH IN GG HISTORY! WTF was going on!? lol. Good shit. Also, You GF has some bad ass artistic talent!

Luigi - CUT THAT HAIR! lol. JK. GG’s in CvS2. If anyone comes to steal my shoes, I’ll know where to find’em!

Minesota Guys - I know you by face but not so much by name. GG’s to all of you. You guys are definitely leveling up.

Everyone else inbetween - Excuse me if I forget. We got in kinda late last night and I didn’t get much sleep since I had to wake up kinda early this morning and I’m STILL tired! It was good seeing you guys again.

a few corrections.

I might as well get this over and done with while I’m still alive:

Thanks a bunch, Hogosha, for giving me a place to stay as well as food and a comfortable environment (lol… first tourney I been to and didn’t sleep on the floor!). Good job running such a huge tournament and having the patience to clean up and post results so quickly. It was certainly a fun experience.

To all 5 (excluding myself of course) AH players (Nappy, Orka, Part2, Humbag, Blacksnake):

I apologize for my behavior during the AH tourney. No matter what the circumstances were, I shouldn’t have forfeited the tournament without good reason. I, especially, apologize to Part2 and Blacksnake who I didn’t even get to play all weekend. I’m sure you guys were anticipating at least one game, so I’m sorry to have let you down. I hope none of you will take any of it to heart and forgive me.

Other than that… GGs everyone.

Ah man. I was wondering what happened to you! It’s all good though. Truth be told, you seemed kinda crabby when you were bugging me to get off the Vs cab but it’s all good. No worries man.


[DBQ BBQ] Keits(Chun) vs Olli(N.Ken) 1

[DBQ BBQ] Keits(Chun) vs Olli(N.Ken) 2

[DBQ BBQ] Rex(Bison) vs Murphagator(Bison) 1

[DBQ BBQ] Rex(Bison) vs Murphagator(Bison) 2

[DBQ BBQ] Wes(Ken) vs Jude(Honda)

[DBQ BBQ] NKI(Chun) vs TarkanX(Balrog) 1

[DBQ BBQ] NKI(Chun) vs TarkanX(Balrog) 2

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS Q FINALS - Keits(Chun) vs Jude(Honda) 1

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS Q FINALS - Keits(Chun) vs Jude(Honda) 2

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS Q FINALS - Rex(Bison) vs TarkanX(O.Sagat) 1

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS Q FINALS - Rex(Bison) vs TarkanX(O.Sagat) 2

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS Q FINALS - Rex(Bison) vs TarkanX(O.Sagat) 3

[DBQ BBQ] WINNERS FINALS - Wess(Ken) vs NKI(Chun) 1



[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS SEMI - Keits(Chun) vs TarkanX(Guile) 1

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS SEMI - Keits(Chun) vs TarkanX(Balrog) 2

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS FINALS - Keits(Chun) vs Wess(DJ) 1

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS FINALS - Keits(Chun) vs Wess(DJ) 2

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS FINALS - Keits(Chun) vs Wess(Ken) 3

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS FINALS - Keits(Chun) vs Wess(Ken) 4

[DBQ BBQ] GRAND FINALS - NKI(Chun) vs Wess(Vega) 1

[DBQ BBQ] GRAND FINALS - NKI(Chun) vs Wess(N.Ken) 2

[DBQ BBQ] GRAND FINALS - NKI(Chun) vs Wess(N.Ken) 3


[DBQ BBQ] WINNERS FINALS - BlackSnake(VE) vs Nives (SO) 1

[DBQ BBQ] WINNERS FINALS - BlackSnake(VE) vs Nives (SO) 2

[DBQ BBQ] WINNERS FINALS - BlackSnake(VE) vs Nives (RO) 3

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS FINALS - Nives(SO) vs Bob Washington(KY) 1

[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS FINALS - Nives(SO) vs Bob Washington(SO/PO) 2


[DBQ BBQ] GRAND FINALS - BlackSnake(VE) vs Bob W.(SO) 2

[DBQ BBQ] GRAND FINALS - BlackSnake(VE) vs Bob W.(SO) 3


[DBQ BBQ] Flexo(UR) vs Shogun17(KE) 1

[DBQ BBQ] Flexo(UR) vs Shogun17(KE) 2

[DBQ BBQ] Flexo(UR) vs PaRt2(IB) 1

[DBQ BBQ] Flexo(UR) vs PaRt2(IB) 2

[DBQ BBQ] Flexo(UR) vs PaRt2(IB) 3

[DBQ BBQ] Humbag(DU/CH) vs PaRt2(IB)


[DBQ BBQ] LOSERS FINALS - Murphagator(OR) vs PaRt2 (KE)


[DBQ BBQ] GRAND FINALS - Bob W.(MA) vs PaRt2(IB) 2

[DBQ BBQ] GRAND FINALS - Bob W.(MA) vs PaRt2(IB) 3

[DBQ BBQ] Minnesota vs Wisconsin 1

[DBQ BBQ] Minnesota vs Wisconsin 2

[DBQ BBQ] Minnesota vs Wisconsin 3

[DBQ BBQ] Illinois vs Iowa (INCOMPLETE)

[DBQ BBQ] Illinois vs ??? (INCOMPLETE)

[DBQ BBQ] Illinois vs Minnesota(INCOMPLETE) 1

[DBQ BBQ] Illinois vs Minnesota (INCOMPLETE) 2

[DBQ BBQ] Illinois vs Minnesota (INCOMPLETE) 3


[DBQ BBQ] GFNLS - Rex(C-Nak/Cam/Bla) vs Wes(A-Ior/Ken/Veg) 1

[DBQ BBQ] GFNLS - Rex(C-Hib/Nak/Cam) vs Wes(A-Ior/Ken/Veg) 2

[DBQ BBQ] GFNLS - Rex(C-Nak/Hib/Veg) vs Wes(A-Ior/Ken/Veg) 3

[DBQ BBQ] GFNLS - Rex(C-Nak/Cam/Bla) vs Wes(A-Ken/Eag/Veg) 4

[DBQ BBQ] GFNLS - Rex(C-Nak/Cam/Bla) vs Wes(A-Ior/Ken/Veg) 5

[DBQ BBQ] GFNLS - Rex(C-Nak/Cam/Bla) vs Wes(A-Ior/Ken/Veg) 6

Just in case no one got the memo, Dirty Dancing is NKI haha.

One of the best tourneys I’ve been to, hands down. So many good matches, tourney and casual, and the Versus cabs were just butter. Good shit to see a WI player in the top 8 for all the tourney games (except GG).

Humbag - Excellent matches in tourney and casuals. That Winner’s Round match was a heartbreaker for sure. Seriously though, your Dudley has my Ken 9/10 times. It just happened that the 1/10 for me was right then. We’ll most certainly meet again in a tourney for a rematch.

Flexo - I cannot believe how good your low parry bait setups are. You literally hit me with 109823283 different setups all night, and then never dropped a combo. RX Jr., but with new-and-improved dookie colored skin tone. By far the best Urien I’ve played against irl, keep on keeping on.

Part2 - The level of frustration that I experience when playing against your Ibuki almost causes me to burst a blood vessel. Soooo many perfects and/or stuns I saw you pulling off on unsuspecting victims… too sick. Rock solid Ken too, you were running shit on the cabinets with him. Our tourney match in Loser’s was truly epic; crowd of people holding their breath in the final moments, thunderous roar when you won. Good shit, and I know we’ll get some more matches in soon.

Bob Washington - Good to see you again and actually get a few casuals in with you. You’ve got brass balls if you can lose $20 on a coin flip + RPS, then win it back moments later. True player for real.

MightyMar - Your Alex has leveled up to something serious. I cannot believe how good you were with Alex in your tourney matches, Ex Chopping bitches like it was going out of style.

Murphy - Thank you so much for letting WI crash at your house and to allow 20 smelly, loud guys into your house at 3am. Your Oro is as good as I’ve ever seen it… and you don’t even have anyone to play against. And I still don’t know how to fight against Oro with Ken.

Olli - Without you allowing me to borrow your stick, I wouldn’t have been able to play any games, so thank you x 100000 for that. Your Yun is amazing, although I stand by my earlier statement; you = sleepless nights due to using Yun + taking multiple showers because you feel do dirty about it. Haha, I’ll try to set aside a weekend to come out to DBQ and play hella games.

Hogosha - Your Twelve wasn’t fucking dudes over like it usually does, but I understand you were busy with Smash + running tourneys. We didn’t get a single match, so I fully expect you to reserve some time for a few 3S matches. Thanks for running an excellent tourney, and don’t sweat the 2v2 and 5v5, we can try again next time.

Keela - The awesomeness that is the Versus cabinet setup cannot be described using words, only felt through experience. That really sealed the deal in getting a lot of people to come out. Good matches at Murph’s house, even though we were both playing 3am 3S.

Lest - Your Remy really took me by surprise. I don’t recall it being that good back. Good shit running though people at the quasi-5v5. And next time… MAGIC!!!

Christie - Your Elena is really good, and not just “good-for-a-girl”. Just good. Period.

Grog - Oh we’re going to get rematch in, please believe it.

Nives & MN crew - Jerry, I’m sorry for not pressing “Record” on your camera, miscommunication on my part. Your Makoto got better since I played you at UIUC, and you primarily play GG, so that’s even more impressive. Good job on 3rd, although I know 1st was within your reach. MN was mopping people up in a few games, so it’s good to see you all have game. I look forward to facing you guys again in the future… except for that red Urien. Not too excited about getting owned by him again.

WI crew - You all know what’s up. Good shit on the people who placed, practice more for those who didn’t.

For anyone who I played casuals with, good games. The Dubuque tournies have always been good/fun, and I promise WI will be back for the next one.

Chun vs Claw is NKI vs ??? (match 4)

Chun vs Honda is Keits vs Jude (match 5)

Thanks to Hogosha for running this, it was mad fun. GG’s to everyone I played and Congrats to everyone who placed! Will be back out to the next Iowa tourney =)

Jose = Proud owner of the Sombrero of Champions!