DBQ BBQ 4 results (4/12/08)

Thanks goes out to Hogosha for running this thing and letting Jack and me stay at his place.

GGs goes out to anyone I played in casual or tournament, hope I didn’t annoy anyone too much with my button remapping every match lol

Can’t wait for next year.

Good games to everyone, this was my first outta state tourney, so I’m glad the experience was nice! It was great meeting everyone and seeing some familiar faces!

5v5 at Murp’s house was pretty intense, too bad I was kinda tired and spaced out at the time. We definitely gotta do that again! Thanks for hosting games post-tourney, Murp! Your Oro is awesome, definitely an inspiration.

Whomever was that girl that was playing Elena was pretty good! One piece of advice to her: try to mix-up what you do after you score a knockdown. It was kinda hard to keep watching you get dragon punched or punished on wake up.


jerry, thanks for recording the vids! :tup:

but damn… what’s the deal with the tripod on your camera. those things are tiny as toothpicks. so asian. :rofl:

i thought jose won a lawnmower trophy… with a extra motor for each clutch combo? o:

In no particular order, here I go …

Champaign Crew (James and Mike) - It was good seeing you guys as always. I think I may play 3s a bit more. My performance in our team was … an abomination … Definitely a lot of fun though. I will look forward to playing you guys more when I visit campus.

Part2 - Hope you enjoy The Last Halloween. Definitely one of my favorite comics. We have to get more matches in, and get some time so you can help me with my makoto (^_^).

Yosh - Always awesome hanging out. Thanks for helping with the vids and all.

Andrew (Arsenal) - Don’t worry bout the whole “hitting record” thing. I sometimes come off a lil cold when I am a lil disappointed, sorry about that. Damn though Andrew, during the 5v5’s and casuals on the cabinets were nuts. One of the coolest guys I know. Never forget that night at Ohio … (T_T)

Eric (Bob Washington) - Tight and close matches. Now I got a place in chicago, I should be around a good amount of time for casuals and all.

Prucha (BlackSnake or maybe … BananaSnake!) - It was refreshing playing your venom. Finally, FINALLY, we get to play after so long. Still as crazy as I remember.

Hogosha - kind of my fault for holding up guilty gear, since I wanted to get some of the matches recorded. thanks for helping me out with labeling the vids and all.

Yascha - Thanks for driving man. One of the Biggest Urien Upsets in Team. We have to get more casuals in and all.

Max (Mawr) - The other Biggest Urien Upset during team. Kicked lots of ass as your team anchor.

Stefan (Shogun17) - Your 3s matches were a lot of fun to watch. It was cool during our match both our sticks had malfunctions and we didn’t care or double DQ each other. Well, that could have been a mess. I really need some electric tape to keep that wire away from the others …

Wes - After seeing you in ST, CvS2, and 3s, your my new capcom hero. If they had trading cards for fighting games. Yours would be some sorta rare platinum power hologram card, and I would have it in one of those plastic sheaths.

IA Crew - Way to rep your state! Herbert Hoover is smiling down on you all. If he went to heaven of course …

WI crew - You all need another Ken on your team. Ken-tastic. Tons of great matches, and a lot of great ken-ificent ken matches.

Hogosha: no you paid me back for the team tourney I asked early on to get the refund because I knew it the 2v2’s weren’t gonna happen. However if you’d like to spend half a dollar in postage to send me two dollars im more than happy to accept!

I expect a 10 Million dollar check from Humbag within 3 weeks. Also a bonus 1 mil for beating him in turd strike on the Arcade Cabinets and sending his ass to the back of the line.

Bob Washington owes me 20 dollars, because he said “I like Luigi-Bo over you in Guilty for 20 dollars” and I responded with “okay” and he either was high or something cause he walked away without responding. and then I crushed Luigi Bo several times in a row. Prucha was a witness.

Im still up one on Prucha.

Kiets made me sick. he gave me the hiv.

The only person I got a win over in any of the tourneys i entered was Jose. (part2). Im sorry Jose.

I’ll see you all next tournament, I’ll practice up by not playing games and drinking booze

Yosh - still garbage.

Jerry - hook me up a key lol.

Murph can’t low block anymore with Jagi due to Jin low kick x 500 tatics.


I believe I had the winning record in HNK! WHERE MAH MONEY.

Highlight of the tournament

Kennywood vs Bob Washington

$10 coin flip
Bob Washington flips coin, Bob Washington calls Tails,
Result = Heads!

Kennywood +$10

$10 Roshambo
After a bad roshambo by Kennywood throwing out scissors on count #3 when it should’ve been on #4, Kennywood regained composure and took it 3-1!

Kennywood +$20

$20 Roshambo
Bob Washington cleans his name by beasting 3-0 to bring it back to even :[

I wish someone would’ve recorded this epic battle between two Giants in from the Midwest

Hey yo, Aegis Neglector, check this out:


This is the dude that did the rap in 3rd Strike.

(Goes to find that album)

Beat is too chill.:tup:

Good games to everyone.

Nappy- Wea da white women at???:wonder::lovin::pray::pray:

EDIT- James, u mind if I grab that Marvel mix off Hogosha then???:lovin:

These are Rex vs me, with me being the orange boxer.

I dont care.

I feel yah, if you need to say that to let yourself fall asleep better at night its all good.

Lets have a Beer next time!

pfft, all he has to do is use hearts B+D command throw and super armor through all your shit to win, anyways.

lol Only if i forget to jump!

Shin’s coming for you all next time, watch out!:annoy:

awesome. so these are the only ones I havent identified yet for ST.

I know the Honda in that Ken vs E.Honda is Jude.

i think that Ken is Wes’s. can someone verify that for sure?

Good shit at DBQ. This was my first tourney for fighters and damn was it fun.

PBJ - practice your Jagi walk man, we need to get some ladies and that’s the key!

And Luigi you were supposed to beat my Honda I didn’t want to play him! :rofl:, but seriously man gratz on that smash turn out just too bad I never got a chance to play you at it.

Hogosha thanks for letting me crash at your place, if you’re ever in Des Moines let me know you’re always more than welcome at mine (that goes for everyone)!

If only I played ST Grog, if only.:rolleyes: I plan on getting into it if the online doesn’t suck for STHD though.:tup:

And Murph, again your parents are broke tier.:pray:

I made it through this weekend on only $20!!!:lovin:
[/ smilie king]