DBQ BBQ 4 results (4/12/08)

Too lazy for shout outs (thanks everyone). This was an excellent tournament. I was pissed that I didn’t place higher in ST (only 4th), and 3s and CvS2. I’m going to review my matches that were uploaded and see what I was doing wrong. My money is really low right now (only $2 in my bank account, a few cents in my wallet), so I’m not sure if I can go to any other tournaments (MWC, Evo). I plan on stepping my game up even further, now that I have something to play/practice on… can’t settle for anything under top 3 in any regional.

I was very glad that the 5v5v5v5 went through, I hope we have another one next year.

Keits: So far, you are winning 6-3 against me in tournaments. We always have some close matches.

I’m the “???” Vega (Claw) that was facing NKI (Chun).

Jose why do you corrupt the tourney?! j/k good shit on taking 2nd

and yea NKI is fucking cheap with MSS

Hey everyone, don’t know if you guys remember me, but i’m Keits’s friend Matt, i was the dude in the green ninja turtles shirt. I just wanted to say that the tourny was loads of fun! Hogosha, i really enjoyed playing you in the smash finals, you did great! Thanks for having the tourny! Keits, thanks for inviting me! i really enjoyed it! Also, to everyone who met me, if i seemed a little quiet at Murph’s house, its because i was pretty sleepy. When i get sleepy i tend to just kinda space out a bit, lol. Thanks to everyone, you guys were great!

Hey man did I ever beat you once at smash in our casuals? I don’t think I did :rofl:

Congrats to all the winners, sorry i wasn there to give the chicago folk a run for the loot in AC, MWC isn’t that far away though. Glad to see this thing went really well, i will do my best to make the next one.

We seriously need to get together sometime and play an assload of Brawl and 3rd Strike. I’ll probably do a Brawl tourney here either near Summer’s end or in the Autumn, but if ever there’s some smashfest/tourney we can both attend we should do so.

First of all I’d like to give a big thanks to the Iowa crew for running this event and the MN crew for representing and putting up with me all weekend. The whole event was pretty good and the ST cabs were Awesome to play on this weekend. I’d first of all like to apologize for my scrubbing out in straight sets against NKI in ST, his Chun is too mean. I guess a great player can really get you off your game so respect to him. Same thing in the CVS2 finals. A good player can get you off your game but at that point in the tournament, I think a bit of fatigue set in. I was missing all sorts of basic combos, nonetheless, respect to Rex.
That said, by the time we got to the 5v5 around midnight, I was way past tired. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it would have changed the outcome. At that point I couldn’t even think what I wanted to do besides short3x->super with Ken. Keep in mind, I’m an old man and can’t game for 12+ hours like I used to back in the day.
I was super impressed with the level of competition so everyone keep it up. Hopefully at the end of the summer possible September, we may have a gathering up here. It’s in the works and we hope to see y’all up here if it materializes.
Shout outs to:
-The MN crew (of course). Keep it up, if you guys really want to up your game, I 'd suggest maybe getting some practice online on finalburn
-The Iowa crew. Thanks to Murph for hosting on Saturday night and Hogosha for running things and working his butt off.
-Jerry, for being my #1 fan
-Yasha and Taylor for being great company and for showing up huge in 3rd Strike
-Keits for being ridiculously funny and for taking a match off me in ST
-The rest of Wisconsin crew, it was great to meet y’all. Hopefully we’ll see you at a future events
-GGs to the Il crew. I apologize to Kennywood for double eliminating him in CVS2 then I scrubbed out in the finals.
-GGs to Humbag, who is always the most handsome italian man in the room.
-GGs to Aegis Neglector AKA Flexo AKA Hollywood AKA Big Baby Bearded Jesus. Man, you’re too hilarious. A word of advice, chicks come and go, trucker beards like that are once in a lifetime. Keep it around.

Much thanks to anyone else I forgot.



i agree Hogosha, we totally need to get together and play some brawl and 3rd strike! We need to keep our eyes peeled for smashfests! Grog, i think you did get me once in casuals, it was on FD and you got me twice with falcos final smash lol.

Keep leveling up in 3s and ST Tarkan! Even though I didnt win 3s (which i hoped lol) you gotta take whats givin and move on and improve. Gettin 4th in ST was very good with the amount of good players we had at the tourrny. I didnt get to get any ST or 3s against you man :(. I KNOW you wanna rematch against me in ST. I got soooo lucky against you in Wisconsin. Haha i was actually playing ST very well even though i went out early. Lost to characters I have little experience against (Jude’s E.Honda and Olli’s ST Ken). DAMN YOU OLLI AND YOUR KNEE BASH THROW!!! hahaha j/k

I hope to continue to improve in ST. Im beginning to really enjoy it alot.

Ok Im drunk so time to do SHOUTOUTs@!!!

Andrew: Man you keep leveling up its retarded. Good job beasting me into the losers bracket with your Ken. Far s.HP >>> Humbag. Good shit man, its always fun playing against you. Maybe my Dudley will stand a better chance next time…(or Ill just play Chun lolol). Naw but seriously you stepped up your game big time no doubt.

MURPH!!!: What can I say. Letting all us moochers a place to say was so awesome. Be sure to thank your folks for allowing us to stay. (THOSE WERE GODLIKE COOKIES BTW). Boy oh boy is your Oro coming along more than ever. Im frekkin glad i didnt have to play you in the tourny! That match vs Jose was awesome. At first i was like man Murph is confused by his ken but then BAM you came back two games like nothing. Some awesome 3s play from the both of ya. Once again, YOU ROCK!!! NEED MORE FAT!!! NOT ENOUGH FAT!!!

Olli: It is always so cool to chat/game/hang with you its not even funny. Your Yun has so much more potential to be unlocked that it could be godlike! Man I wish I had 1/4 the talent you had in making sticks. Those things are works of ART! All in all great games dude, its always so fun to play against a good yun. Matches like that always get my blood and adrenaline flowing that I never know whats gonna happen! Cya at MWC hopefully???

Keela: OMG the cabs are SOO AWESOME!!! Great games in 3s man. Your Ibuki is very very good. Had me on my toes like no other! Cant wait to get the chance to play on those beauties once again!

Adam (Keits): Great to see you again dude! Smash tourny was hot! I really like what you are trying to do with it and hopefully the dull assed smash community will follow. YOU GOTTA FIND OUT WHAT IS BROKE TO BAN IT AND THATS WHAT WE’RE DOIN!!! Smash balls are so fucking fun but god damn at the dragon hahaha. I got killed and killed people with that lol (apparently people were dodging it though I must suck). Keeps learning and playing dat RB2 as well. Krauser is a plain ole beast and hopefully my shitty krauser showed ya a lil bit heh. Good thing Josh want there with that cheap as Sokaku to kick my ass lol (Dont worry Josh I got my Duck King down to a science now! DONT GET CLOSE OR YOU GET GRABBED!!!). Good time hanging and chillin dude and see ya at the next shin dig!

Michael (Dark Hogasha): Great job with the tourny dude! Hehe I knew you wernt expecting this many (shit this had twice as many as my champaign tourny hehe) but you did a great job. Only thing that held us back was the lame owners and his early closing time. Next time you gotta make a deal to at least allow us tell midnight. I am so used to tourrnys going tell 2-3 am hehe. Although state vs state happened at Murphs (kinda…IL was missing some key peeps lolol) it woulda been SOOO hype on those cabs. Sucks I didnt get to play your Twelve again but I cant wait for the next quality tourny up in DBQ!!!

Wes: You are a chill ass dude! Glad to meet you and talk about some of the good ol’ days that I wish I was apart of lol. Glad I didnt have to play you in ST or CvS2 haha you were mean in those. I only got to play you once in 3s and unfortunately I was playing dumb assed chun for some reason lol. Maybe next time we meet we can have a beer or something haha. No problem about that MM mixup. I know I sure as hell wouldnt wanna play you in a ST money match haha.

JASON (j!n, JIN, J1N, lazer cats): Haha its always so fun to hang with you. Maybe one of these days we will do a real 10,0000,000000,0,0,0,000,0,0, dollar money match in HNK. You better be pulling out all the stops cause my shitty Kenshiro/Roah/godlike Toki will be coming with the no practice i have at the game haha.

Hahaha I guess I fell asleep before I ever finished. That was all typed like at 3am or something. Time for a few more shoutouts and stuff.

Minnesota crew: you guys are all chill as hell. Good meeting most of yall for the first time and good games.

Iowa crew: good shit representing. I love coming to the Dubuque area, looks so purdy with all the hills and rocks.

Wisconsin: you know yall dope. Keep up the good shit and continue to improve in everything. Midwest is on the rise.

Chicago: Jim/Yosh/Jose/Eric thanks for lettin me crash at the hotel friday night. Good games as well. All i gotta say is SHUT THE FUCK UP :rofl::rofl:

STL/Nick and Rex: glad you guys made the trip! Rex you are just too beastly in marvel on the pad. I dono how you do it! Good shit Nick for winning MvC2 and ST! See you guys in STL soon.

The central IL road crew/Mike/Adam/Lorance: dope time riding with yall. Thanks Mike for driving and convincing your GF to let us use her car! Hehe, good shit bros.

Alright, I know ive missed some people and I will probably add to this later.

GGs to everyone I played and see yall at the next tourny.

Alright, guys. Time for me to put in my 2-cents. :wgrin:

First of all, here’s a link to all of the photos that I took at the BBQ:

Now, for the part that everyone looks forward to: shoutouts.

Hogosha: First and foremost, thanks for having all of us out! I had a great time, and an even better time meeting so many new faces. You know, I’ve still never got to play you. We need some Urien x Twelve action next time we meet!

Keela: Bro, what do I really need to say about the cabs that hasn’t been said in over-abundance already?! Man, thank you SOOO much for allowing us all to use them; it was a supremely rare treat! Fantastic games with you, bro. You’ve got a terribly frustrating Ibuki!
Murphagator:** I can’t thank you enough for putting us up for the weekend. Congratulations on taking 3rd in 3S. Man, you straight went Super-Saiyan during the tourney, pulling out all of the stops!!!

Wes: …bro, you’re a trip. :rofl: First off, big congrats on taking 2nd in ST. Also, thanks for the “cold head”; quality stuff. Man, you’re hilarious!!! I really hope I meet up with you again at near-future tourneys. By the way, I’m still waiting for my $5000.

Tim/Sunny/Max/Yascha: How freakin’ refreshing was it for me to see (I still can’t believe this) 4 other Urien players?!?!?! Keep it up, you guys! We’ve gotta start reppin’ the Midwest and Urien harder and harder. Stick with it, and just work on those unblockables and Tackle shenanigans. It was a blast playing all four of you guys!!!

P.S. – I’m currently working on a Urien-exclusive FAQ. If you guys have any questions, feel free to look up my AIM or MSN name.

Olli: Bro, you’ve got a mad-sick Yun! Like Humbag said, I think you have the potential to get even better than you already are. Also, those sticks of yours are just awesome. I was thoroughly impressed when I learned that you were the person that had built them all! You’re cool people, bro. I really look forward to kickin’ it with you again!

Drew: So, the rivalry lives on… lol Bro, you have gotten so much better since I played you last at Gamma Bowl. Your execution is spot-on! Hopefully, you’re heading down to STL in May so we can butt heads again.

Jerry: Man, you’ve come a reeeeeeeeeeeally long way in Guilty Gear. Check you out, taking top 3 in all the tourneys you’re at nowadays. :woot: As always, it was great to see you again. I was really happy to hear that we’re going to start seeing you again soon. CRANK DAT 3S, BRO!!!

Jose: Huge congrats on taking 1st…and, I mean, or…2nd, err…:confused: Hey, Jose, nice job at DBQ BBQ!!! You’ve, seriously, got the most insane Ibuki I’ve witnessed. I was terrified through our whole match!! lol Like you said, you need to head down to Champaign sometime soon. You’ll always have a place to stay, so just say the werd. Werd.

Eric/Jim: Despite the fact that I knew who you guys were before DBQ, it was great to finally meet you, face to face. You guys are mad-chill. Way to wreck shop in both Guilty Gear and 3S!!! Eric, thanks again for hooking me up with your Al Green mix tape – it’s quality stuff, bro.

Prucha: (makes upside down 3 with fingers) lol Now that we have that out of the way, good to see you again, bro. I wasn’t expecting to see you there! Props on taking 1st in Guilty Gear, and on pad, no less. Hopefully, you’ll be down in STL next month. You’re cool as a fan, bro. :cool:

Adam (Swerve): It was nice to meet you, bro. I had a really nice time chillin’ with you this weekend! Now that you’ve shaken the cobwebs out, you can start getting back into the tourney scene. You should pick a nice weekend sometime soon, and come and chill with Humbag and me. Nice. Take care of that nice foot, and stop going around kicking nice brickwalls!!! Hope to see you again, nice and soon.

Lorance: Bro, every time I go somewhere with you, we end up robbing a bank or blowing up a post office or not paying for a pack of gum at the gas station. I don’t get how you can be so chill and be so goddamn hysterical at the same time!!! :amazed: Man, you were rockin’ cats in HNK this weekend. Shin for the win!!! Nice job, taking a fight from Prucha, too! :wgrin:

James: I dunno. I don’t really have much to say to you. I see you, like, every day, unfortunately. Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub. lol Thanks for riding out, and making me laugh so hard! You and Lorance are like the dynamic duo of road trip comedy!!! :rofl: Let’s get ready for dem SLUTS, bro!!!

The Murphys: Coolest parents award, hands-down, goes to these folks. These people fed us and gave us a place to stay, literally, all weekend. Also, how dope was it of them to let um-teen thousand strangers just chill in their home until all hours of the morning?!?!?! Seriously, these folks are great. Murph, I hope you let them see this post.


Minnesota/Iowa/Wisconsin/Illinois in general: There are a lot of people that I didn’t have time to hit by name. However, there wasn’t a single person there that I wasn’t glad to see again (except for Patrick Duffy. I hope he’s not at the next tourney…) or meet for the first time, and I remember all of you. Next up: time for some SLUTS down in the STL, gents!!! Hope to see you guys there!!!

~Aegis NeFlexo (please don’t refer to me as that. lol)

looking through all your pics, nothing beats the last pic with scott.

i will have to make an avatar out of that once i get something to make avatars with.

well thanks to everyone that i was playing i had lots of fun i want that cabinet for 3s lol but good shit to everyone had fun an all.

PS let the revolution of yang begin lol

Holy shit, man - talk about gaming out this weekend! The tournament and casuals were a blast, I’m glad everybody appreciated the cabs - I’m thinking about starting another project this summer with another 3, so maybe this time next year we’ll have 6 vs cabs to play on (depending on availability).

Shoutout are as follows:

Mike hogosha - way to put on a good sized midwest tournament, man! Too bad you couldn’t make the 5 v 5 - I would’ve loved to see everybody struggle against twelve.

Murphy - stop playing Fist of the North Star. Good Oro display as expected. Your welcome ~ for not having to play in the 5 v 5.

Olli - way to rep, brah. Must be cheaper with Yun though.

Sonny - fun geif mirrors, man! I’m happy to see someone has the same appreciation for him as I do.

Andrew - man, I swear you’re like the nicest gamer I’ve ever met. I really enjoyed talking with ya and playing that Ken - at first when you told me you switched to Ken, I’m like “whaaa??” but Ken seems to be a good character choice for ya.

Tim - that Makoto is super sexy buff stuff! So good with multiple characters, too - I was VERY impressed by your skillz. Hope to see you at a DBQ weekly sometime soon (Olli said you may make one)!

Scumbag - (that’s your name now since you pick Chun). Dude, you’re hella good at like every game I saw you play - and you seem to be quite modest about it… cool stuff. Why the hell don’t you play Urien!!! It seems like you nail his combos ala easy mode. Maybe next time you can save up money so we can money match, lol.

NappyJin - dude, you got ripped in bracket placing in GG, eh? At least you got to breeze through me though.

Cracka J - Man, you raped me really bad in GG as well. I soooo need to put in a lot of time with peeps who know how to play this game.

Jose - Super solid Ken, HELLA sweet Ibuki! Pretty fun stuff taking turns as Ibuki on the cabs, I think we were confusing people on the other side, lol. Big congrats for taking 3S, much deserved - solid solid solid.

Bob Washington - good 3S games in the tourney, I’ll have to get some casuals in with ya sometime. We should money match in 3S next time we meet, I know you’ll be up for that.

Wes - great ST skillz, and way to watch out for me with the turbo settings, I appreciate the heads up on that. Congrats on ST and CvS2 placings, solid as fuck.

Yoshka - Good Urien play, I feel bad for him vs Ibuki just because of her jab. Way to stick with a tough character - props.

Nives - i know everybody appreciates you taping things, thank you.

Flexo - I saw you dealing some pretty beefy damage here and there. Next time you’ll be placing higher, eh? (oh, and stop parrying so much)

Mario - HELLA good VS skillz man!!! Teach me, teach me! Very suprising 3S Alex, you could’ve easily placed higher - just unlucky.

NKI - thanks for showing up and displaying how your respectively played games are meant to be played at high level. Congrats on winning all that cash! Super impressive skills - very intimidating, actually.

Shit man, I’m only 17 people into shoutouts and I could keep going forever (for some reason I think I can actually remember everyone’s name from the tournament - that’s never happened before… ?!?) but it’s taken too long already.

It was nice meeting all of you, see you when I see you…


This tourney was mad fun! Rex and I should’ve stayed the whole weekend.

Props to everyone involved in running the tourney, and good games to everyone I played.

Versus City cabs are the JUUUUUICE!!!


-Dirty Dancing

Im still so tired its hard to do shoutouts. But you all know I love you all. Great to see some of my favorite faces again, and meet all you new faces. Great games to everyone in every game, and thank everyone SO MUCH for giving All-Brawl a try. Spread the good word, this game doesnt suck like melee.

I had a great time. Good games to everyone I played, I’d leave somebody out if I tried to name them all. I really appreciate the chance to play good people, I learned a whole lot from this tournament. Watch out, next time you see Honda he’s going to be fierce.

Big thanks again to Murph’s parents for turning their house into a convention hall.

Lest: let us know next time you’re coming to town, we’ll definitely have to get together.

Keits: After watching our matches again, they were closer than I remembered. I’ll let you know when I’ll be up your way, I want a rematch.

Big thanks to all the DBQ team for everything that they did. The tourny could have used more BBQ though.

Good shit Kenny for placing top 4 in CVS2 and in MARVEL!!!


Oh, that’s a present for you, in case you don’t already have a copy. :tup:

sniff No marvel footage?

nobody told me when marvel finals started, and when they did, it was already mid game. i didnt really want to take a partial vid.

anyhow, i updated my vids on post 16.

All of ST, GG, and CVS2 will be uploaded before I go to sleep. Currently uploading the last batch of CVS2 matches, which is the 2nd set for the grand finals. I have some of the 3s vids uploaded, but not all of them, as well as some of the 5v5 footage.


Still trying to figure out if that last ST vid is Wes’s ken. I think it is, not 100% sure.

Anyhow, CVS2 is the last of what I am uploading today.