DBZ:B3 High Gameplay Thread

Well this was going to come sooner or later so here it goes…

heres some stuff for my best Broly
-A pro is that he has a 4 ki baseline but is as slow as hell.
-Another pro is that he builds ki at a fast rate but is a big target so other characters can combo off Broly easily.

Punching Combos (base form) $some combos chane when in LSS
1.PPPP 255 dmg
2.P>PPP 216 dmg
3.>PPPP 205 dmg
4.>PPP>P 205 dmg
5.PPP>P 264 dmg
6.<PP 142 dmg
7.<P>PP 187 dmg
8.<P<P 153 dmg

Kicking Combos (base form) $some combos change when in LSS
1.KKKK 315 dmg
2.K>K 185 dmg
3.KK>K>K 357 dmg
4.KK<K 269 dmg
5.<KK 138 dmg
6.<K>K 158 dmg

Basic Combos (base form) $some combos change when in LSS
1.PPKKK 423 dmg
2.PK 117 dmg
3.<PK 142 dmg
4.>PKK 218 dmg
5.>PPPKK 396 dmg
6.<P>K 149 dmg
7.KKKP 292 dmg
8.>KPP 197 dmg
9.<KPP 190 dmg

alright so far thats it and more to come later…

I haven’t played 3 yet, but I can tell you, 1 was terrible. If you want to play a good DBZ Fighting game, play Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension.

yea 1 and 2 were horrible but 3 has a new vibrant fighting engine so it is much better than the previous games of the series

the best comparison would be that it’s a ps2 version of the GC Naruto games… =)

Piccolo is top-tier.
…That’s it.

:tup: thats a start

Man. I stopped playing MvC2 because of this shit… This game is too good…

why is picolo top tier? and is this with his breakthrough?

i just started playing. i like goten cause of his infinite. of course it can be countered but you can play with their meter cause of that.

my best guy is vegeta.

seein’ the tutorial video got me into it
but there’s still some shit i dont got.

what’s baseline ki?

what do they mean when they say someone is
defensive instead of offensive (ex. “vegeta
is a defensive character”)?

well basically baseline ki is where the characters ki starts off i.e. Goku=3 Kid Buu=7 Broly=4

also it basically means that Vegeta is better playing defensive but i dont have a good explanation because i never heard of that but alright.

pic. is top because of stretch and speed also he has a good mix of offensive and defnsive moves. And goten has an infinite?

Advantages: Can play offensively and defensively at will.

i was reading the nnamz tier list and he said that about android 16.

i’m just a little confused how you play offensively and defensively
in B3.

does defensively mean playing keep-away and offensively is playin’

he had it in B2. Iono about B1, never touched the game.

When both characters in the air. <P,P (repeat).

defensively means to use the ability to dodge and TC and yes offensively is rushdown just like any other fighting game.

well you can find alot of infinites in the air but it can always be countered though.

that’s what i said in my earlier post.

i know just to make sure

Sorry to barge this thread but there is a current debate in the gamefaqs forums regarding the “depth” of this game compared to other fighting games. Currently they are comparing B3 with Soul Calibur 2 which isn’t exactly the best game to make a comparison with but I don’t really know much about this game either.

Soul Calibur 2 isn’t exactly great but I definitely take this game with a grain of salt. Is this game still a joke or does it actually prove to be a respectable fighting game?

well i think it has a very good fighting engine and can even be compared to possibly VF?

hey anyone play the comp omega shenron at 99…he’s pretty tough.
I play Goku…
Beggining of the match I dash back…If my opponet shoots a ki blast I deflect it. If he dashes at me and with an attack I dodge it and attack… I only really use 2 combos… After a while they feel it…
1.hold back and punch (it can be delayed…or cancelled) and foward and punch (can also be delayed…or cancelled)
2.kick,kick,kick,kick + hold it then guard punch,punch,punch,punch energy…And thats pretty much it:(

Budokai 3 easily outshines Soul Calibur II in depth.

Also, I remember fighting Omega Shenron on Z3 mode with a level 55 Gokou. I recorded the match on VHS, with me winning. I landed a 100X Big Bang Kamehameha, big O. Shenron still had more health than me. Luckily, my ki stat was 20, so I could TC at the same cost O. Shenron could.

But now you bring up fighting him in DA, you have the benefit of capsule set-ups.
Remember that Gokou ranks second in capsule set-ups. This is what I usually use against O. Shenron:

Super Saiyan
Saiyan Spirit
Dragon Fist

At SSJ, which you can activate at the start of the fight rather easily, you get up to 135% attack power while having 130% base defence. Also, remember that meditation suppresses ki usage by 1/3rd. This means you can TC standardly with meditation at the cost of two bars of ki.
When fighting O. Shenron, keep your distance. If he fires ki blasts, deflect. Eventually, we get locked into a TC fest. This is what I do:

BEcause O. Shenron never dodges and counterattacks me, I outreach him with my ->PKK starter. If I land, then I simply do PPKKK. Gokou is always moving in his PPKK which can throw off Omega’s TC cancels, and if he TCs when I execute the final K, he will be put into a bad juggling position. Eventually, I win the TC fest making Shenron fatigued taking a breather. I punish him usually with this combo cancel:

->PKK(cancel) KKKK(cancel) ->KKP(stun), <-PP, <-EEE->E.

Usually does at least 1,500 damage, seeing as how O. Shenron’s defence drops 10-12%. If he ever TCs me, I simply repeat the combo. Gokou also builds great ki, and at max ki, he has 143% attack power, which is nice.

Depends which VF. It is definately not close to VF4 Evo. Remember that Budokai 3 has some balancing issues, so at the higher levels of play (especially at the master level), characters like Piccolo can always win against a huge amount of the cast.