DBZ:B3 High Gameplay Thread

i just meant that it outshines Soul Calibur 2 (i would say it is Tekken 5 level but if you think about it nothing can beat Tekken 5) and more for Broly to come im experimenting with him

K I just found out you can counter a counter.

Counters are too strong in this game.

So say you do that infinite with Goten. Set up I do (already in air) >P,K,K(hold),G,K,K,K,K(hold),sidestep,infinite.

If they counter, I can counter their counter and just do the infinite again. Wait till they get three bars, counter their counter, infinite again.

If they counter, I can counter their counter and just do the infinite again. Wait till they get three bars, counter their counter, infinite again.

Whoever said you have to “counter” by attacking?
I can teleport counter cancel and just block, focus on dodging, or run away. Simple as that.

Im still at an advantage cause you’ll be without bars.

Now, here’s the next thing you have to consider.
How good is your character at playing offence? How good is your opponent on playing defence?

Offence is simply how powerful someone is when attacking. Are they fast? Do they have many chargable attacks in a combo? Can they attack a defending opponent with safe cancels where they can not be both dodged and counterattacked? How good is their range? Do they have chargable starters?
Those are the main things you have to consider in a strong offence. Take Gokou for example. He has literally, close to nothing in his offencive power. Why?

His long range starter, ->PKK is a deathwish for those using it against an opponent who is not afraid to dodge and counterattack. I think you can see why. Basically, Goku loses his range in a high level fight, dragging down his offence loads.
Goku’s ->P+K was a step-in punch. Now its a head bash. But this head bash only works in close range combat. It is one of the best power attacks in the game, at close range.
Goku’s only chargable starter is <-P. But he has to get in close range to actually be able to use it. Goku has no power moves where he steps forward to attack.
Goku’s only fast and safe combo cancel is his KKKK, but its usually outsped by ->P and P starters.
However, with a fusion capsule, Goku gains offence, but loses his defence. His ->P+K is now what it used to be, the step in punch. Use this to close space gaps and make use of K cancels.

Piccolo on the other hand, has incredible offence. Why? His stretching arm attacks are very fast and have awesome reach. His P+K attacks can always catch faraway opponents dashing into him. His ->P starters are invincible. Take his ->P->PPPP starter. Piccolo does three very fast long range attacks, shots his arm out an incredible distance fast and then slams his arm down, but this attack can be canceled, making it only worse.

In this game, offence is not “how much damage” you can deal. Budokai 3 has a category called damage potential that evaluates the best damage a character can do. Bardock easily has the highest in the game.

Defence measures how well a character can play against a strong offence. Let’s take two opponents: Bardock and Goku.

Bardock and Goku are quite the opposites in offence and defence. Bardock is all about pure offence, Goku is extreme defence.

Bardock’s main advantages are his P stuns and much lengthier combo cancels. Goku’s main advantages are how potent his ->P+K is and his long range ->K+G.

Bardock may not have range, but hey, his cancelable ->P+K can close space gaps rather easily (just don’t get too predictable with it) and bring fights to close quarters, and no character can best Bardock in close range combat.
To make sure Bardock can’t make use of his P starters, Gokou has to play mind tricks and games with his ->P+K and his ->K+G. Goku will use his ->K+G when at mid range, and ->P+K at close range.

For Bardock to take the offencive against Goku, he has to fly in at Goku. But not only that, if Goku backpedals and constantly ambushes with his longer range attacks, Bardock can close the gap by canceling his ->P+K. Bardock has now got into close range combat with Goku, where he can now make use of his invincible PP<-P stun. You can not dodge and counterattack the first two Ps. The <-P is the same head bash Goku has, except that the enemy gets stunned, not knocked back. This head bash makes Bardock inch back as he charges, putting him out of reach for P starters, other starters and grabs, so he can start playing insane mind games.

For Goku to play defence, he keeps his distance and uses his power attacks to nullify Bardock’s starters. The ->P+K nullifies nearly any physical attack when done right, at landing that attack on the ground results in the rolling back effect, where Goku can power up/taunt safely. He makes sure to keep the fight within his safe distance, not Bardock’s.

Vegetto (Vegeta platform) has powerful defence, if not the best in the game. His K+G is a three kick sequence, all of them being power attacks. With good coordination, the final kick of Vegetto’s K+G can be canceled, and the stun is long enough for a combo cancel. Vegetto also has a <-KK starter to boot.

Basically, if the characer you are using has crappy offence, then losing ki bars and playing defence (blocking comes into play, as blocking adds ki) will be worth it. Not many characters have a very potent offence VS a strong defence.

So sometimes, I can risk losing ki bars just for playing on the defence.

nice post :tup:

but regardless of defense, Goten having meter still puts him at an advantage (concerning the situation we created). Any attack from the opponent will mean free counter->infinite for Goten. Attack/Defense mindgames are just theory fighter. You can block Gotens attacks, but I could just say I’ll just guard break or throw, then you can say that you can do this against it or w/e. Kind of pointless.

Im just saying if Goten lands infinite, anything afterwards is in his favor. If they counter you counter and infinite again, by the time they’ll have ki from getting hit, Goten will regain his ki as well.

The Son family members share a common weakness: Weak offence. Son Gokou, Son Gohan and Son Goten all suffer a weak offencive ability.
Therefore, landing Goten’s infinite will only help you assuming I don’t have the ki to TC. If I have the ki to TC, I’ll simply TC cancel and run away, and focus on dodging. I can easily take advantage of Goten’s weak offencive ability and build up my ki.

R-u sure this works?

It works. You’ve just got to position the enemy right.

hey sprawlers what are the best capsules to use with Goten?

sorry to ask this but how do you cancel again? and is a custom majin vegeta worth putting time into? its either him or android 18(destructo disk is BA)

can someone post bardock cancel combos?

i wanna get into him

umm the cancel…im pretty sure when you character is “charging” a move you just hit the guard button…
OMG I just started playing kid goku…Is this guy awesome or what? :karate: The kid has mad combos… Not to mention his rock-scissors-paper is pretty awesome…
I usually just use the rock-rock-rock… If I know the opponet will TC I simply charge any of the 3…cancel and begin another attack pattern…My usual combo–
back+P,P,P,P and charge then cancel-K,K,K,K charge and cancel-foward P,K,K charge and cancel then either Kamehameha or Rock…Rock.charge and cancel…then Whatever.
I use

going all out
yakon (very useful)
sensu bean…
------------------- :karate:

Very true IMO. I especially don’t like that you can counter throws because that makes someone who turtle-counters hard to beat if they’re using someone with a baseline ki higher than yours. Every game has it’s BS I guess.

wait you can counter throws!!! how i need to know because my cousin is abusing throws but he always misses but i want to know how.

This game is fun, anyone know good Omega Shenron combos?

Stay in this thread where it’s safe.

Hmm well when I did play the game(a long time ago and just cause my bro wanted me to) I noticed Piccolo was very good, but also who I noticed was good and I could beats all the Cheap ass shit my Brother got Using FAQ’s was Recoome. Damn is he good, my bro bought all the best stuff for the characters he used and would ask me to play against him once in a while. Now I never played at all besides this and he didn’t really have good capsules for reccome. But i kicked his ass once I learned the Buttons, and even though it sound like I’m a newb I know what I’m talking about here(skill wise at least). Now when and if I start playing the game again I’ll post some of his tricks,combos,andother things I remember…But yeah havingplayed fighting games since I could barely reach the arcade machine DBZB3 Actually IMpressed me alot. And don’t even dare compare it to the godliness known as VF4 or even SC3 but thts another story

hey guys i am a big fan of this game i find myself a lil confussed about certain things. For one i can’t figure out why gamewinners is saying that pan can be obtained if i beat Gohan when he challenges me in that red ribbon tournament. A next problem i have is i have breakthrough for all the dragonball universe characters including ubb, brolly…but how do i get breakthrough for the remaining characters that i obtained like goten, kid trunks, buu, kidd buu n etc?

the link for gamewinners is http://www.gamewinners.com/codes/playstation2/DragonBallZBudokai3.htm

feel free to message me back if somebody knows something, thanks a bunch!

You actually believe what gamewinners has???

And for B3 info: