DBZ Raging blast series and DBZ Tenkaichi series

This concerns

Raging Blast series:
Ragng Blast 1
Raging Blast 2

Tenkaichi series:
Budokai Tenkaichi 2
Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Just curious, but for people who have played both series, can you outline the main differences between the games in terms of gameplay? Or any imbalances or game breaking elements that either game or series has?

Reason why I’m asking is because when I read on message boards or even reviews, Raging Blast 1 and 2 are usually deemed as being bad, while Budokai Tenkaichi 2+3 are hailed as the best Z games that Spikes done. I’ve only played RB1 briefly a few years back, and i never really had an issue with the controls other than taking some time to get used to them compared to T3. They look similar in terms of gameplay, but watching video on youtube obviously doesn’t do it justice. And unfortunately i haven’t seen any in depth comparisons between both series that can give an idea as to why the RB games get bashed so much.

Just go Budokai 3.
Raging blast series blows dick, so does the Tenkaichi series.
Go RB or Tenkaichi if you want Super duper flashy fights.
Go Budokai 3 or Super DBZ if you want a good fighter.

1). No versus threads.
2). Super DBZ > all of the games you mentioned.

I want to agree and disagree with this posts at the same time, damn you srk for not allowing me to do it

1)Agree with not versus threads
2) Disagree with SDBZ > all of the games you mentioned, because even when SDBZ is a semi descent fighting game it sucks monkey balls as a DBZ game, the game is dull in every aspect, visuals, music, gameplay, etc.

I haven’t played much Raging Blast, but from the people I’ve talked to I’ve gotten the general vibe that the games aren’t bad. People probably like BT3 a little more because of the roster; since it’s more of a DBZ simulator than a fighter, people want as many options as they can get.

Super DBZ’s visuals are more low-key because it uses the manga as a source instead of the anime. TBH though it’s pretty tough to find a DBZ game that’s both DBZ-ish while still being a good fighter. Probably the closest you’ll get is this:

Other games like the later Budokai games (IW/SBAR) and some older ones like Hyper Dimension had a fair balance IMO.