DBZ tier list question[or opinion]

I’ve been curious for the longest time as to where characters from Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai (or the sequal, Another Road) for the Playstation Portable system rank. Could one of you guys be as kind enough as to give me your opinions as to where each character ranks in terms of functionality in combat?

Umm…as far as I know:

S+ Tier: Piccolo

S Tier: Sword Trunks, Krillin

A Tier: Bardock, Broly, Pikkon, Armor Trunks, Janemba, Vegeta

That’s the most I know as the tiers…Goku, Gohan, Gogeta, Gotenks, and Teen Gohan are all low. Cooler is the worst in the game completely. Everyone else lies in between.

The imbalance in this game is overrated, but it’s still there. You do not have an S starter, you cannot really compete, simple as that.

Woah, are ya’ll serious…DBZ games f’real?

dbz games are far from being bad, although some of the gameplay mechanics are retarded imo (the rock paper scissors shit, the stick spinning/button mashing, etc).

i know that one of the psp games removed that stuff though.

dbz games are shit and if you think otherwise, you’re shit

budokai 3 was still the best, period

infinite world is pretty good too. but when they put the chars from the psp version in, they didnt add the ability to reduce damage from their supers (like the rest of the cast).

This thread was worth it just to see Piccolo in S+ and Krillin in S tier.

Not really

in infinite world gt characters would be banned


lmao at that video. 2:20-4:05 (one combo comprised mostly of soft ass buttrape juggle bullshit.