some quick DBZ pics i did for a friend.

PICCOLO, back when he was a badass:




let me know.


hhhmmmmmm:cool: pretty good,pretty good:cool:


the gohan pic looks like its out of the new zelda game


Thats cool, i’ve never seen dbz characters drawn out of dbz style. go piccolo!


i like them too, its different.


Hey I’m digging this stuff. Got more. Oh and the inks are looking great this time around.


yeah, that picollo is tha shizz"mr. ima badass" look

gohans left arm is a bit crooked?


i LiKe!! :slight_smile: really…this must be the first time where i see dbz drawings that are not…dbz style :slight_smile:


Seth: thanks.

Knuckles: yeah i wanted a real simple cartoony look for gohan.

Mituskai, Snowman: thanks, yeah i’m not a big fan of toryiama’s style, but like his characters.

SFMC: thanks, bro. not yet, but i do plan to do some more.

Knome: yeah gohan’s arm’s fucked up. my gf waited until after i posted it to point it out to me. i miss placed his left shoulder, it’s too low. actually that whole arm sucks …

Ponpoi: thanks a lot. you need to post more stuff man …

thanks for the comments all.