DC 3S question (ugh, yes this again)

The parrying seems way, off for the DC version of 3S. I think I’ve seem people talking about that here too.

Does changing the settings in System Direction give any sort of remedy?

It’s been proven, disproven, proven, and then disproven again that it has lag or doesn’t. Nobody knows or cares at this point.

You can tweak the frames on parries in sys direction though IIRC.

Back in the day people said to put it on one star, which is probably bs since all that does is shorten the amount of time you get to input a parry. It wouldn’t get rid of any lag if there is any.

as far as i can tell there is some pretty bad lag and i couldnt fix it. but i tried the dc version on an emulator so i might be really really wrong

I’ve played both on PS2 and DC and never had the timing of parries mess me up trying to go back and forth.

Same here ^^

I never noticed a diff.

Are you guys fucking serious?

Same here, again.

On PS2 I can consistently parry AA SRKs or other AA moves. On DC I can only parry hadous 100%. There is some sort of lag… maybe it’s my stick.

on the DC sean bball bonus stage you can defintely test that there’s input lag.

I’m with Deadeye.

All I have is a DC but I don’t go making threads when there’s like 100 on this exact fuckin topic.