DC Agetec: How diff are sizes of HRAP EX and sanwa buttons?


Im doing the dc agetec to 360 mod and already have it working in 360.
still waiting for my lizardlick buttons but in the meantime my friend got his and he gave me his HRAP buttons in the meantime.
I believe the dc buttons are size 28 and sanwas are 30s. I hear the hraps are same as sanwas, yet I got them into my dc stick without needing to file down the holes for the buttons.
Some are a little tight but they still snap in fine and come out fine…
Are the buttons different enough that I will need to file or are they similar to the hraps enough that I can just snap them in?


The Agetec’s holes are definitely too small for Sanwa buttons without filing, it’s not something that’s close enough to just push in. The HRAP buttons should also be the same as Sanwa’s though, so I’d wonder if someone hasn’t already widened your holes, or your friend gave you buttons from something other than an HRAP…


They’re pretty much the same I believe. I have a broken HRAP EX(I destroyed one of the traces on the PCB :[) at my friends house so I can’t really compare. I have an SE SF4 fight stick and I sort of had some trouble snapping in the Sanwa’s OBSF-30’s I received a few days ago. So what I did was file down 4 of these humps

on each button to easily snap them in.


It’s far more than those that keep Sanwa buttons from fitting easily into the Agetec, the holes are nowhere near large enough to even get the buttons partially in. I wouldn’t mind seeing a quick pic of your Agetec plate without buttons, if you can grab one, if hrap buttons fit. It really sounds like someone did a bit of work to it already.


Sanwa buttons most definitely do not fit on an Agetec without modifying the metal plate. You should also take out the button surrounds on the inside as they put pressure on snap-in buttons and make screw-ins impossible to use.


Ill try and take a pic later but I highly doubt its been modded. I bought it myself brand new from toys r us when they came out, almost 9-10 years ago. Its been sitting my moms place for maybe last 5 years and I highly doubt she had to satisfy her modding urges to just enlarge the plate and not do anything else, heh.
But yea the hori had those little bumps that made it tight. it seems to me to be closer to 28s like the agetecs only the bumps added more girth to get to that 30ish size.
I did notice on 2 of the buttons, they press down fine when theyre out, but when I put em in, they sometimes stick. I tried diff holes, its always the same 2 buttons regardless of where i put them. so i used a screw driver to rub away some of those bumps and they fit in fine. then once i put the plate back in, a diff one was acting a little stiff. Is it possible that even though fit in fairly smoothly that the plate can put some kind of squeezing on it to hinder the movements?

Any suggestions on where to put the back and guide buttons? I needed to save cash so I didnt buy any smaller buttons, I figured id just use 2 of these horis. I was thinking to put them both behind the start button but I see it may be a little to tight to put one aligned right under the start button. just put one on the left and one on the right?

And Baka, have you done any custom art for an agetec? I figure I just need to get plexiglass or something and screw that down? Snapons should be fine with that?

Ill have my friend get me a file so I can start. My other friend gave me the horis so I figured Id use them as a test to see how much I had to widen the holes, but they snapped in fairly easy so I was a little confused. So many say the sanwas interchange with the horis fine, but the horis fit mine fairly well. meanwhile every thing I read online pertaining to the agetecs needed some filing.
other than that Im just waiting on the llick stuff now.


Anyone know if Crown buttons (28mm) fit in the Agetec? I got a couple sets of them from laugh and they feel pretty good.

Might be an easy solution for someone who doesn’t want to mod more heavily.


Lucky- Are they the snap or screw ins? Because i believe the snap ins have little prongs on the bottom that you can actually fit a qd on. The screw ins have to be soldered. Ive been thinking about trying out some korean buttons. How do they feel compared to the japanese brands?


Hori buttons (as in the HRAP) are 27 or 28mm.


Well, that would explain why they fit then… :stuck_out_tongue: I always thought modding an hrap was just a drop-in thing, are the holes actually 30mm on the panel even though the buttons are smaller? The Crown buttons should work fine in an Agetec without filing the holes out, though you still might need to get rid of the plastic wall around the buttons, depending on how they fit in.

Anyway, it’s very likely that the holes are putting pressure on the edges of the buttons and making them stick, I had that problem with one of my Sanwa buttons when I didn’t have the hole quite big enough. As for art, I’ve not messed with custom art on the Agetec, I just painted mine, but I’m assuming a lamilabel would work just fine. Plexiglass might get a little more complicated, you’d probably want to use that instead of the metal plate, rather than on top of it, and it’s not just a square shape to cut out.


I wouldn’t say they have the same ‘feeling’ as the Japanese buttons, but they’re definately made well.

The button itself is just slightly smaller, and maybe a little bit more loose side to side (not much), but the pressure is about the same as maybe a seimitsu. They seem to be a little more flat than the Sanwas are. But the switch is responsive.

I’m using the snap/screw ins, so they do have to be soldered. I’m sure the snap ins feel similar, and I think they’re all 28mm.


If you have access to a dremel it becomes MUCH MUCH easier. Just make sure it’s not one of the gimpy battery-powered ones. Also, be careful with sanding down the plastic as it starts to melt pretty fast. I’ve modded two of the three Agetecs I got so far so if you have any questions you can hit me up.


i JUST finished my sanwa agetec mod (http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=6430250&postcount=10215)

i had to grind down the holes quite a bit to get the sanwa’s to fit. and if your putting a new stick in, you have to cut some of the mounting area away (4 screw pillars, and a couple walls) or cut down the plastic casing of the sawna stick. and you have to drill holes to get it to fit as well.

i kinda wish i had taken pics of my progess, but i got so excited about being able to use it, i kinda went nuts and finished it asap.


Nah, no dremel. I like the satisfaction of beating myself up and doing things the hardway anyway. heh.


If anybody doing a DC Agetec mod isn’t using the DC PCB anymore, PM me. I’d be interested in taking it off your hands.


You can search around the trading post. They go for around $20 (sometimes FREE). I already sold my to a friend or I’d help you out.