DC Agetec joystick microswitches the same as Sanwa JLF?

So I took apart the stock Agetec joystick to see the brand of the microswitch since it seems similar to the Sanwa microswitch…and what do you know, its the exact same Omron brand microswitches that are use in Sanwa JLF.

I swapped the stock joystick for a JLF last week. If I’ve known it uses the same microswitches, I’d not swap it at all.

Did you buy the stick used? If so then you probably made the best choice. You never know if the previous owner beat on the stick, and how long the stick would last. At least with the JLF mod that you did you can always replace the joystick in the future if you feel the need to or “refurb” it.

I have 2 of those sticks. It is true that the microswitches are Omron on the Sega Stock stick, but the stick is much much different than a JLF IMO.

The shaft is thicker than a JLF, also the throw is longer IIRC and also the spring on the stick sucked… if you tap down and release it will trigger up… I know JLFs do that too, but my Sega sticks do it much worse, and you’d have to spring mod them to get them to react better.

Since you’re likely hardcore, it’s good you swapped. The difference between my HRAP2 SA and my Sega sticks is night and day. I was gonna sanwa mod them too, but since I really don’t play my DC since 3s is now on PS2, I didn’t bother.