DC Agetec layout

Hey everyone, despite my best Google-fu and forums searching efforts I cannot find any place that has the exact layout of the DC Agetec stick. The links I find to old topics on SRK go to dead ends or the page doesn’t exist anymore.

Have I not been looking in the correct area or missed something obvious as to where this info is stored?

Many thanks in advance.

Got one right in front of me. What do you need? Just a top shot, or wiring diagram inside?

If the former, I got you –

I haven’t routinely checked SRK in years, so apologies in advance if I don’t check this thread in due time. I can take a pic of the inside if that’s what you needed tomorrow when I wake up.

Thanks man. I am in a terrible internet spot right now so the image is not showing for me.

Ideally I need a measurement/s of the stick and buttons for a CP overlay so as to implement the EXACT Agetec layout onto other cabs and fight sticks aka like the slagcoin schematics.