DC Agetec - Madcatz Xbox 360 live arcade, enough space?

A question a lil special there, I hope this is the right topic to ask about it.
Is there any guys here who have been tried to modd an Agetec DC stick with a Madcatz Xbox Live Arcade’ pcb in it? Is there enough space in the Agetec ? Cause I’m planing to do this mod but I also saw in **this**topic that the Madcatz’ pcb is rather big. If someone already done it and can post a picture it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !

I think you could probably squeeze it in there. I popped open an agetec stick for a friend the other night, and suspect it would fit. You might need to dremmel down some of the raised plastic “circles” in the agetec though.

Thanks for the reply Starcade :slight_smile: and yeah, like you said, I think I’ll have to cut off some part of those big plastic circles (even if I don’t like the idead of weaken the basis.
I’m asking all that ‘cause for the moment I don’t have yet the 360’ pcb and I’d like to see pictures to have a first overview but it seems no one made this modd before. I’ll post mine when the project will be achieved.

Thanks again anyway.

If you have clearance issues you can always run a project box setup. If you look in the essential joystick thread there’s a site where a guy set up a project box set up on an agetec and how he did it. Sorry I can’t link it now because I’m postin on my phone

I think this was it

That site is back up! It was down earlier this week. This is great, as I’m about to do that to my agetec.

Thanks dudes !
Indeed in case it really wouldn’t fit I’ll go to the DB15 connector’ solution, but I prefer the one case solution (less boxes and wires, cheaper, easiest to move with, and easier to make a 360’ headset hack)