DC Animated movies for 2012: Justice League, Superman and Batman

OK so during SDCC, the following animated movies were slated for 2012 release-
Justice League: Doom: Written by the late Dwayne McDuffie. It’ll be based on the Tower of Babel story arc from the 90s JL comic.
**Superman vs. the Elite: **No info about it is known but some speculate it’ll be based on the story from Action Comics 775 by Joe Kelly
In which


A superhero team based on The Authority are brutally cleaning stuff up on Earth and Superman tries to stop their murderous ways

I’m rather looking more forward to this movie and hope it turns up good.
**Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: **You guessed it, an adaptation (Bruce Timm states they’re attempting to be very faithful to the source material) one of the most famous Batman stories of the 80s. Apparently this’ll be a 2 parter, and both parts will be released in 2012.


Oh and new Episodes of Young Justice will be airing on CN starting September. Same goes for Brave and the Bold but with a new timeslot-

Awesome news! I really enjoyed Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

All three sound good, especially DKR. I thought The Brave and the Bold was cancelled though. Not that I mind new ones, that show is fantastic.