DC Anime Clubs Last Video Game Day of the Year.Washington,DC SaturdayOctober 20,2007

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What Video Game Days


October 27, 2007
Video Game Day
Room A5
The A Level of the Library.

Martin Luthur King, Jr Memorial Library 901 G St NW Washington, DC 20001

Nearest Subway Station: Gallery Pi Chinatown Green, Yellow Blue Line.

We the DC Anime Club invite one and all to our Last Video Game Day of the Year.
One rule for Video Game Day is… if you dont bring it we wont play it.
So bring your Games and Game Systems.
3 Televisions and Even a Projector with a screen will be provided for Video Game Day.
We hope to see you there.

For more information: www.dcanimeclub.org

Except that all the gamers in the area are going to the huge tourney in Ashburn, VA that day. Which has been posted up for a month.



Well we can’t revolve around every event and we have been getting at least 30-50 people for our Video Game Days.

So we live and we learn.