DC bundle + both Shenmue games (eBay), Wico balltops

Hey I’m selling a nice HDMI splitter on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270784844725 It’s only got a couple hours left, but I’m putting it right back up if it doesn’t sell. It’s $40 free shipping, which is a bit under $20 off the original price when you include shipping.

USA lower 48 only, PayPal only. Will ship USPS priority.

Bump for games.

Bump, dropped the price on the VGA box and video cable ($70 > $60, $30 > $25, and $90 > $80 for both).

This is a good deal on the XCM products together. If this is still here the first friday of March, or if there’s another price drop i’m gonna scoop it up. Unless somebody buys it before either of those things happens. That SSF4 is a steal too.

Bump for lots of new stuff, pics later.

payment sent for Joytron Xconverter 360 Plus

pm’ed i will take the wico

Pics? I might be interested in the balltop shafts if the colors aren’t too off from my buttons.

They’ll be up in a few, but I can say if you are trying to color match with most other brand’s parts, you probably won’t have much success there.

Damn, still might be interested. I’ll wait for the pics though.

I’ll give you $5 to just destroy the SFIV copy.

…also bump.

Updated OP, dropped some prices and increased the price cut for multiple items.

You said the VGA “Has a pass-through so it can share a monitor” Does that mean two monitors at once like split screen?

I think it means two different sources can share the same monitor.

Correct. You can have both the DC and a PC or some other system connected to 1 VGA port on a monitor and switch between them at will. There is also standard AV output on it as well.



I put most of the stuff up on eBay, last chance to get it cheap.

pm sent.

Another Wico balltop shipped. Thanks!