DC comic character will soon "come out of closet."


[LEFT]—"DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio told attendees at the Kapow Comic Convention in London that the superhero – an established player in one of the series, and was originally introduced as straight – will become “one of our most prominent gay characters.”[/LEFT]

The kneejerk answer is probably Robin
I doubt it’s Batman because that’d probably seriously hurt future movie sales
Maybe Martian Manhunter?

So… who you got?

I’m thinking it’ll be Green Arrow. His comics have a history of being progressive.

edit:** The character has been revealed to be Green Lantern Alan Scott **http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/green-lantern-latest-superhero-outed-gay-earth-2-issue-marvel-northstar-storyline-article-1.1087842




Aquaman = Namor if he was into penis.


As everyone knows, Krypton was based on the ancient Greece which valued having great abs and being naked with other well toned dudes. Lois Lane is all part on an elaborate disguise as Superman has always hinted he thought heterosexuality was a weakness.


I chose Aquaman, no way in hell can I see Batman or Superman being gay.

edit: after looking at his picture on the Wikipedia, I TOTALLY regret this decision… Shoulda picked CatWoman.


Aquaman 'cuz he a gayfish.


Barry Allen willingly let his own marriage get retconned, tell me that isn’t suspect

also this poll is a terrible representation of major players in the DCU


Now if we can only get rappers to do the same.


Tch Barry Allen just knows Marriage is a sham and let them retcon the ball and chain off his ankle.


Could it be Cyborg? I dont think ive seen him with any women so far.

It cant be WW because of Steve Trevor and their tension. I think Green Arrow’s relationship with Dinah is too well known for him to be gay now especially with him getting a tv series.

Maybe Hawkgirl? Nobody cares about Carter…


I’m collecting nearly all the major new 52 titles and I can honestly say it would be incredibly forced and extremely out of place for aby of the established characters to suddenly be gay. Why not just make a brand new original character or a lesser known character become gay as opposed to a character with a established origin. This is a cheap marketing tool if I ever saw 1 and if they think this will help boast sales they are being very short sighted.

With that said it could be jimmy Olson, voodoo, ivy, catwoman, harley or maybe even a well known GL.


The current Dan DiDio is a bodysnatcher who is gay for the real Dan DiDio, who has been tied up for years in a basement at DC HQ.

So that’s my answer. Dan DiDio.


It isn’t Batman or Superman, they don’t like to risk anything with these characters, and their relations with women are too well established.

It won’t be Martian Manhunter or any other alien character because the idea that the gay character is an alien allows for too much potential backlash.

I would have said it can’t be Barry as his family life is one of the most unique things about the character, but the marriage was retconned making me think Flash to be the most likely choice.

Dick Grayson also seems to be a decent candidate.


Real talk, Dick Grayson has always been one of the biggest manwhores


Please please please be Green Arrow so I can see some dildo arrows being shot.

100% it won’t be a chick. DC will then get accused of being a bunch of hound dogs who want to see 2 chicks making out, unlike 2 dudes which makes you a progressive company.


Yea but do you really think DC wouldn’t just disregard that if they wanted to? I guess the idea is trying to figure out when they actually decided to GO this plan, which is obviously a reaction to Miles Morales.

I’m not talking about who is or isn’t a good candidate due to their backgrounds, I’m thinking of this in a much more Marketing/ PR perspective. Which I think to be fair, considering that is all this is.


Static Shock

Will immediately bring a new dimension to “Nigga, you gay.”


I’m starting to think DC might also wanan change the "man"from superman and batman because it’s to specific to gender, maybe superperson and batperson so that people with gender identity issues won’t feel excluded…I say it as a joke but considering DC did reboot their entire line to get attention I wouldn’t put it past them.


Prob be tim or green arrow.


Booster Gold.