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Multiversity preview!



Multiversity sounds interesting. Also Futures End.

this is funny, all the batman characters lol.


Multiversity Marvel world YOS! Morrison is tripping on acid again and it’s great lol!


Multiversity easter eggs revealed


Anyone else remember a kind of medieval setting Batman where Batman was actually a literal furry beastly bat-man and the Joker was a kind of sadistic mage who likes to eat brains?
EDIT: This was a comic book.


Found it. It’s called Dark Joker: The Wild.


Okay i know his isn’t my normal realm…what is up with the DC universe? Kingdom Come? Kinda lost.


Well, a little over three years ago, DC restarted their entire universe and everything went to hell. If you’re lost, it’s because they don’t even know what they’re doing.


Not sure what your confusion about the DC Universe is, but Kingdom Come is one of the many alternate universes being visited during Multiversty, where they are visiting.

Kingdom Come is an Alternate future of the DC Universe.

Alex Ross drew it and he’s a big baby who refuses to draw Dick Grayson as Nightwing, a Green Lantern that’s not Hal and a Flash that’s not Barry. Well that had an effect on the story too. Well it’s just like current DC anyway since there’s no bigger crybaby about making everything like it was when he was 5 than Geoff Johns.

With all that said Kingdom Come 1 is still a great read and it’s beautifully drawn. There’s a fake Chun-Li in the backgrounds which was awesome! Kingdom Come 2 blows.

Multiversity… It’s a mixed bag for me. I don’t think you should say what every single universe and reality is in any comic book world. It limits your own imagination especially when you get to worlds they can’t legally touch. But hey none of it is real anyway so you are still free to imagine whatever I guess.

I like Morrison on crack, but Morrison on continuity crack is a bit much when I have to follow an Easter Egg blog on Comicbook.com to figure out what the hell he’s talking about. Dude’s referencing stuff older than my grandparents. After a while I just decided to read the Comicbook.com entries over the actual series. I save money and headaches at the same time.

Here’s all the info on the current Multiversity Map anyway. Not going anywhere? :neutral_face:


Guys I picked up issue #16 of Batman Beyond Universe.

FUCK, man.

I didn’t know it was going to be the last one…

EDIT: Welp, one of the writers favorited my tweet about how defeated I feel right now, that’s nice I guess.


Pretty damn good TPB sale over on Comixology.


The price is right!


I didn’t know SRK had a comic forum, I’m glad it does:)

Anyways I’ll be getting back into comics I think once rebirth hits. I’ve heard lots of good reviews of it so far so I’m curious to see how it is.


Last few DC books I read were Wonder Woman Earth One by Grant Morrison. Very strange but I enjoyed it.

Also finished reading the Batman vs. TMNT crossover. I liked it but it went a little too long for me.


After reading the leak & Rebirth issue itself, fuck DC. What they’re attempting to do is so fucking random & fan fic it’s insane.

That & Midnighter & Omega Men are done so there’s no point to me reading anything else from em.


DC’s been in a bad place for the better part of a decade. I’m more fascinated by the behind-the-scenes drama than anything going on in their actual comics.


So anyone read the new DC rebirth?
I was so happy to see how they are being the legacy back to DC.


Nah to me it’s same old same old. Just them bringing back aspects of the world that people like. It’s what they always do. Just not what they did with the 52 Reboot because they just wanted new readers. Now it’s back to the same old reset. I have no idea why people are praising Johns for doing what they’ve been doing since the 80s.

Bringing the Watchmen into the DCU is a new one though. Not entirely I guess since they’ve merged Charlston characters, Image and so forth with other resets. Bringing Watchmen in is just really bad idea but for real life reasons. Not sure how long they intend to keep screwing over Alan Moore.

Marvel does the same thing every 5 years. Because the theory goes that every 5 years there are new readers. That’s why they rarely ever mention anything older than 5 years. Origins get updates, people who know each other act like they never met before and so on. They just don’t straight up tell you it’s a reboot to maintain the illusion of ‘continuity.’ Well hey at least with 616 merging with the Ultimate world you can see it for what it is a bit clearer.


The “new readers every five years” is a bad theory. That doesn’t sound like it’s based on reality. It’s wishful thinking. They’re just cannibalizing their core audience repeatedly, and the fools are willing to constantly buy these reboots and new number ones. The fans get what they deserve. Idiots.


I agree. I think it’s even worse now because they want everything to be as new-reader-friendly as possible for people coming in from the movies.


The titles I’m looking forward to are Titans, Justice League, Teen Titans, Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, and Legion of Super-Heroes. I don’t know who is on the Justice League of America team, but my bet is Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Vixen, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Hawkman, Atom, and Zatanna.