DC Emulation at its best - SF3 MAME emulation? Why bother

nullDC (New DreamCast Emulator) v1.0.0 Released!

Destroys Chankast’s playability

here’s the link to all those DC 2D fighting fans:

Now, maybe you haven’t heard, but the Dreamcast port of 3S was SHIT. I’m also fairly certain that the JoJo port was shit also. Further, Red Earth was never ported, so we’ll finally have that to play.

In summation, pull your head out of your ass.

Plus MAME has you know…kailera

sorry bro. didnt have the chance to play 3S in the arcades and as a traveling businessman, its kind of cool having SFIII at my disposal while flying in 2007 instead of waiting for however long for the MAME version. just wanted to let others know about a great new emulator

In that alotted time period, there was 3S for the PS2. Which was just slightly below the arcade version. Even a travelling businessman has a PS2.


Also, where the fuck did anyone say anything about Red-Earth? WHAT THE FUCKS GOIN ON?

well its clear theres no pleasing everybody. if someone wants to play Soul Calibur. MvC2, Powerstone, and a supposedly crappy port of SFIII on their laptop, check out the new DC emulator. Its pretty hot.

Yea, I definitely appreicate the link. I herd about Null, but I didnt know where to look for the dl. I use Chankast, and it’s emulation is less than perfect.

So, have you tested this with JoJo? I’d send you a box of chocolates if this runs it smoothly, with a correct screen size. lol

Just tried to download it and my anti-virus flagged it as a Trojan. Fuck that shit, Ill just wait for CPS3 and Naomi to get emulated.

Your anti virus probably scks then.

I got nothing, excpet with a crappy one it detected the virtual memory card files to be a trojan but they have a weird extension so.

Actually, the DC ports of JoJo were done fairly well, they even use those in JP ranbats for the game when they don’t have the CPS3 on hand.

Just the SF3 ports were shitty.

GameCop already gave the heads up on the emulator. There’s a pretty good discussion on it since April.

It’s pretty nice playing MvC2 and Project Justice on the go.

they have vids of these on the regular?

Nope, New Generation and Second Impact for DC were handled very well, I can’t see how they are as messed up as 3S.

Can anyone tell me what makes the 3S port so bad? If its the only version Ive played and I got decent combos going how off will I be in the arcades?

thread closed. theres already a thread in tech talk