DC Entertainment: No more Superman


I guess Bryan Singer just dropped the ball too damn hard, but this kind of sucks.

Bryan Singer should have stuck with the X-Men. He knew more about them by accident than he did about Superman. And tbh, it’s not that hard to fuck up Superman, but Bryan managed to do it.

is bryan singer the guy that produced/directed the last supes movie? if so then yeah he fucked it up pretty good.

yeah man fuck dat bryan singer guy. I liked the first 2 x-men movies and the 3rd was complete ass. Instead of getting 1 good comic movie we had to get 2 garbage ones. lil selfish, bitch. how he gonna give the dude that stands for everything that is truth, justice and the american way an illegitimate kid?

that superman movie was cool, but so long and boring. ugh. i think im gonna delete it off my hard drive now. i just like the flying scenes. lol. they need to do a zatanna movie. paranormal stuff sells! green lantern would be tight, but it would have to be vividly colored like the comics. wonder woman could be tight if they get someone very fine and PERFECT for the part, along with her fighting a relevant boss character.

The only Superman movie that stood the test of time for me is Superman 2. Frankly, I am ok if there isn’t another for a while if ever. The problem with Singer’s version was that he was trying to recreate the old movies, but at this point and with today’s audience that won’t sell. Not to mention, those that seen the older movies want to see something new, I would think it is way past time to further explore some scifi elements like Brainiac or hell Bizarro.

Although I am surprised they are still battling over Supes, I thought they handled that already.

I dunno I just wanna see Superman tearin up shit all over Metropolis. The mans indestructable lets take advantage of this when it comes to a movie.

This kinda sucks, I haven’t read a great deal of Superman’s stuff (only really read All-Star Superman, which was quite good), but I do love the character and think he has enourmous potential for a good modern movie.

I thought that they were definitely going ahead with that ‘Man of Steel’ movie, but I guess that was just a concept or it’s been scrapped now.

It’s funny that with how huge Superheroes have become recently, the very first Superhero seems to missed out on it all.

I would like a simplified superman. A guy that is pretty strong, pretty fast, and can fly and change shape.

That way it’s still interesting to watch him fight because you know he can lose, and you don’t have to worry about that Clark Kent bullshit. I’m sorry, but it takes more than bad posture and glasses to make a secret identity. DC should have fixed that bit a long time ago.

Also, this leaves the window open for team ups with other DC characters. We all wanna see how Christian Bale interacts with Superman.

AFAIK Bryan Singer had nothing to do with X3 (cuz he was off filming that fuckfest called Superman Returns).

Singer should just stick to Dr. House.

I liked Superman Returns. It just suffered from the usual problem of how do you make Lex Luthor a legitimate threat to Superman?

It was an origin film for a new generation of fans meant to introduce them to the character, the same way the first X-Men film was. I reckon Singer would have made a brilliant sequel if given the chance, just like he did with X-2.

Batman was always better anyways, better video games, better movies, better roller coasters (superman ride was sick tho), he pulls more bitches than any superhero, his skill is natural, He blends with darkness, and has too much work ethic for someone rich enough to sit on their ass for the rest of his life. Just way cooler if u ask me. Superman should stick to animated movies the doomsday film was cool

Yea im a Batman fanatic… WHAT!

Honestly, good. Any new Superman movie would probably just turn it into a dull action-fest. Supes deserves better.

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Didn’t Kevin Spacey end up having to take up most of the slack for directing Superman Returns because Singer was too busy popping pills and fooling around with his 15-year old Filipino boyfriend???

Anyway, X-Men 1 wasn’t even a good movie. It was passable, but it just seemed much better at the time due to the long period of ass-tacular comic book movies in the 90’s.
X-Men 2 was a decent movie, but it won’t hold up to the test of time very well.

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Surprised Goody hasn’t been in here defending Superman Returns.

Yeah i’m kind of shocked there not gonna do another superman considering DC was gonna try and do what Marvel is doing and try for a justice league movie. I wasn’t a big fan of Superman Returns mainly cause it was a pretty boring ass movie. Like I get was Singer was trying to do but some of the ideas that was thrown in the movie was so ‘WTF’. Would’ve preferred Superman fighting someone like Brainiac or even a suit powered Lex.

WB probably realizes they’ll have to fast-track the project to beat the 2011 deadline. Historically, the Superman franchise has proven to be extraordinarily hard to get moving, so completing a film within that time frame would be a Herculean effort.

I just noticed this thread. I won’t bother defending Superman Returns, because that’s a well-flogged horse already. I’ll just point out that it initially garnered quite a bit of positive talk here on SRK until the Haterade kicked in.

Anyway, I see this as a good thing, to be perfectly honest. Morrison/Quitely/Grant aside, nobody knows how to tell a good Superman story anymore. They’re too hell-bent on treating him like every other superhero, forcing him into story types that don’t suit his unique characteristics. If the current boom of superhero movies is to continue, perhaps it’s for the best that WB focuses on some of DC’s other properties.

I mean, really. The first of the Christopher Reeve movies still stands as an early peak of the genre. It’s not as though the character is waiting to be realized on the big screen. There’s a whole stable of heroes who can hold the fort until WB is ready–truly ready–to put together a new Superman project.

…You do know that Brett Ratner directed the 3rd one, right?

Probably was referring to the fact that Singer turned down X3 to go make Superman Returns, which in turn, gave us two shitty movies.

kumar was the worst villian henchman ever.

That’s cool.

Everyone knows Batman is the money train.