"DC Hall of fame" for online bad sports?


So Im playing ranked matches for the first time in almost 6 months and I forgot what a shitfest it was and what its like to get dropped on the final round and playing overall shitty players.

So I was thinking what would happen if game developers would implement a “best of the worst” rankings along with the scoreboards. To make it even better let you watch videos of them disconnecting as they get punished into oblivion. I know some people have no shame online, but to be heckled publicly by the playing community would definitely cut down on the unsportsmanlike mess that occurs while playing.

What do you guys think of creating a system where the community gives negative marks for bad sportsmanship until they get some kind of “warning” by their screen name? Possibly even short-term bans under their user ID if they receive enough flags?

I would just cringe at the though of being on such a list, I would go ahead and just take my defeat. On top of that, people would be forced to play fairly or risk having nobody to play at all. The same way the community virtually ignores anyone on the forum with a ton of negative karma.

Something has to be done!


This idea would work wonders for Marvel 2 ranked matches :rofl:


I love the idea the more I think about it. It would be an entire profile:

of disconnects (average drops per day…lol)

W/L ratio
Average connection
Main/secondary/tertiary characters

So lets say you drop. The system would read that as a drop, and then your opponent gets some type of notice to “add” your drop on them to the system. This would prevent random people from ganging up on you trying to ruin your reputation.

After a certain # of “adds” you get flagged, or some kind of bedge of honor on your profile to warn players that youre a shithead. And when you get x number of flags you get short-term bans (1 hour, 1 day…no more than 72 hours or something) not to mention going on the “worst” leaderboards.

Yay? Nay?