DC help!!!!!!!

I have a custom arcade machine that plays off of a Dreamcast but my motherboards for the controllers are messed up and I need some new ones. can anyone help me find some new ones. i need two DC controller boards that are wired and quick disconnected at the ends for my buttons to go to. the previous owner said he bought this type of set up online somewhere but I have no idea where to get them. can anyone help? I would be greatful.

we need more details. But anyways, it sounds as if you have a normal DC inside of a box with a screen on it and you’re saying that the “motherboard” (AKA PCB) inside of the controller is broken. Or are you one of those few who catually have a jamma conversion kit?

Anyways, if you mean you want a normal DC PCB wired, I can do it for you, won’t be cheap though… 25 dollars shipped? I actually have one that I was going to use (which is why it’s not cheap), PM for pics.

yes please pm me with picks.

my machine has a regular tv inside of it with a VGA box converter whitch alows my DC to plug into my TV and Sub woofer which provides the sound. The only problem I am having is that I need two PCB boards wired and ready to be put into the machine and quick disconnected to my buttons and 360 joysticks. If I had a camera I would take pics of what I have but I will see if I can get some taken. It sounds like you have the right idea man. thanks. I would love to see the pics. what would be the charge for two Pcb sodered boards with quick disconnects on the ends of the wires ad ready to be plugsd in?

Here they are, sorry about the size too lazy to shrink.

As you notice, there is still a nice spot to slide the VMU in. if you want it, I’ll extend the wires for you and add on the quick disconnects.

yo man thanks alot. so you have tested the controller and it works right? Also do I have to worry about ground or no? And what is the price we are looking at for two controllers with extended wireing with quick disconnects already done and ready to go?

ugggg, I guess 45 shipped give or take 5 depending on how much I can find the quick disconnects for. I kinda need a DC controller. I’ve tested it though and it works fine. No grounding issues though you’ll have to get your own grounding bar or whatever. I have a single black wire (that’s slightly different from the other ones) that is ground, you’ll have to figure out what to do with that yourself. . All joints protected w/ hot glue.

ok well look I will get the money together in a month or two. Can I contact you then and maybe we can do buisness together. sound good? We will see. thanks for you help man. Ill be in touch.

here iws my vid that i made.



those PCB look like they are from MAS sticks. what you can do here is have someone hack 2 dreamcast controller for you and just wire them straight to the controller and skip the terminals(useless…I dunno why people use terminal stripes). BUT I heard there is lag with official dreamcast pads…blanka elec doesnt come out on time or some shit. If I were you, I’d wire the panel with ps1 pads and get converters for dreamcast.

Official DC controlers use different contacts on the triggers, this results in lag when using fierce and roundhouse.

Yeah, your best bet would be two Inovation PSX > DC converters (you can find them on eBay) and two PSOne Dualshock PCBs. I don’t know if you’re familiar with wiring, but who ever does them for you remember you need the 5v for your P360s. Also using P360s you’re probably going to have to do some soldering your self as I don’t think they use quick disconnects.

I have never solderd in my life. I am looking for the easiest and best possible solution.

u dont have to solder,you can just twist the wires from hacked + wires from sticks/buttons togther and cover them with duct tape, work fine. you still need some hacked pads. I MIGHT consider doing them for you as I still have shit load of parts left. talk to me on aim

yo thanks snaake and chippermonky for helping me out. A friend of mine who lives in Elk Grove saw the vid and said he would help me out and we already gutted the machine and have one controller in and ready to go. we have one more controller do then its all good. Ill post up a vid when i it is finnished. I want to thank you guys for everything because I may never had gotten it finnished without posting this thread plus the video and shit. Kudos to you guys!!!