DC/MD/VA Beat The Heat 2k5 Results - All Records Are Made To Be Broken

notes: 3s and CvS2 were Round Robin 2 points per win, I’ll add the Group-Pairing thing at some point… MvC2, #R and KOF2k2 were Single Elim. w/ Sets. no T5 really happened aside from casuals ( and probably because zerohellcustom didn’t show up :lame: ) .

3rd Strike: W/L/T Points count

Vict0r 9/0/0 18
EricV 7/2/0 14
Nokato 7/2/0 14
CBMass 6/3/0 12

Grant 4/5/0 8
Takumix 4/5/0 8
Steele 4/5/0 8
Kross (sp?) 3/6/0 6
Kiken 1/8/0 2
Sifupeng 0/9/0 0

EricV overtakes Nokato in semifinals, EricV takes Victor in finals sets.


EricV 7/0/0 14
Takumix 5/2/0 10
DanL 5/2/0 10
Steele 4/3/0 8
Sifupeng 3/4/0 6
Dsparil 2/5/0 4
Agtbrel 2/5/0 4
P_Ouji 0/7/0 0

Takumix takes DanL in semifinal, EricV takes Takumix in finals.


  1. DanL
  2. Lindsay
  3. Dsparil
  4. 4r5
  5. Eggo
  6. Kang


  1. Agtbrel / PsychoCable
  2. Dsparil
  3. Takumix
  4. P_Ouji


  1. Agtbrel / PsychoCable
  2. P_Ouji
  3. Dsparil
  4. Eggo

Thanks again to everyone who came out, we had a good goddamn time, next time it’ll be even more wreck ( and more $$$, too ). One.

The ends of the 3S and CvS2 tournaments were sick. Massive props to all involved; this was a pretty good learning experience for both C_Egg and myself. Hell, a good enough experience that I signed up here just to post this. Like the Egg said, big ups to everyone who showed up, we were glad to have you. Hope we see some of you guys around the MoCo region in the future!

Aw WTF? I thought #R was dropped? I woulda won too =P

Make sure you all come to V-Tyme early next month in Richmond for a REAL learning experience :tup:

God dammit you ended up doing #R?

Yup, yup. A nice, REAL one.

I know why you called it ‘Beat The Heat’. That place needs some air conditioning.

I guess I’ll be the first to start up the “learning experience.”

Yea honestly guys, the best way to see how a real tournament is run, is to actually go to one. If running 8-man CvS2 round robin took as long as it did, or 10-man 3S round robin, think about a 30 or 60 man double elim tournament. Not like my 30 minute break from 3S was any help (you really should have DQ’d me if I was actually being a hindrance) but, when you’ve got 3 TVs running third strike, and only one being used for a tourney match, there’s some obvious problems with organization there. All of the “tourney veterans” were pretty dissatisfied with the event, and they’re the ones who spread the word for future events.

Also, as gunflameburi has noted, the actual roster of games for the event wasn’t anywhere close to being set ONE DAY before the tournament. People are giving up their time, driving from places maybe even hours away to come to a tournament that is random at best. It’s once thing to cancel a tournament due to lack of show, but when you don’t even know what’s going on till the last minute, that’s just doesn’t work at all.

You also need to have set rules and regulations way before the tournament starts. Since nobody took the tournament serious anyway, there wasn’t a problem (lol at CvS2 finals, double characters), but that shit wouldn’t even begin to fly at a real tourney. It also might help if games were limited to ONE PLATFORM ONLY. Some people like playing CvS2 on DC, others prefer PS2. Third Strike probably should have been PS2 all the way. In any case, since there were so few people they had the option to pick whatever. But what if there were more people? What if two guys wanted to play DC, but only a PS2 version was open? You gotta be ready for every situation that may arise. Also, PS2 CvS2 is noticibly faster than DC CvS2, and randomly switching between the two leads to mistakes in timing.

In the end, before you start another one of these, make sure you’ve got somebody at least relatively experienced in the SF tourney scene to help run things. It kinda makes me sad to say this but, even Otakon tourneys were more legit than what happened on Sunday.

Despite some of the mishaps that occured during the tournament it was good to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while.

To anyone who was in charge of “organizing” this event:

It never hurts to ask questions about something you’re not sure about…it only hurts when you don’t. There are alot of people that attended this tournament that would’ve been more than willing to help you all with any problems or questions that came up during the tournament. I know this was the first tournament concerning SF at CyberCon but seriously, if you want people to come back it needs to be organized alot better. “Beat the Heat”…it would be good if you could beat it with an air conditioner. It was hot as hell in there. Third Strike should be ran on PS2…CVS2 should be ran on Dreamcast…period. Its an arcade perfect conversion with NO minor differences.

Theres too much for me to point out every little thing that you all should work on but I will say this:

The novelty of a big screen “finals” match should never take priority over the players involved in that match. I stated many times that this screen causes a bit of lag with inputs but the novelty of seeing matches on the big screen superceded the need to players to have an even playing field. If you take note from Texas Shodown, the larger screen was for the audience to watch whereas the players players on a smaller screen to better concentrate and play comfortably. I respect the effort that everyone made,but nonetheless you guys got alot of work ahread of you.

And those directions posted in the Tournaments and Events Thread made about 80% of the people that would’ve shown up on time late.

If I’d picked Slayer I mighta cleaned house, but I lost the only event I actually entered IN A TOURNAMENT I WAS RUNNING, in the first round. Shoulda known better than to test my Potemkin against my friend’s Axl. What an unfavorable matchup.

good seeing you man…definitely :tup:

my iff about this thing

  1. set rules

how the hell are we “not allowed” to play cause of status. what about casual play??

  1. organize

when someone that “owns” the place ask us to pay for games we weren’t allowed to enter…an damn near over with…please…dont get me wrong i dont disrespect anyones organization…but when the guys that are running it cant get it together…i wont’ even stay…hell in a round about way he basically said

“pay or leave”

an come to find out me an bmore chun could of had a FREE tv to ourselves since it seemed pressed to not “play casually” while the “tournament” was going on.

the “place” has potential…just need better organization an understanding of the tournament scene.

good matches to the guys that were playin bmore, carlos an myself (athena, sagat, blanka or some random team)…possibly the best part of the afternoon…

Koop, how does it make you feel when you buy a pizza for your buddies, and all but one or two of them pay you back a couple bucks, and each take their shares, but then those one or two come along and gank one or two of your pieces without so much as even asking you? Wouldn’t you want a dollar or so back from them when you saw that your slices were missing?

Sure, we did a bang-up job hosting this. The Egg and myself are both out at least $75 each, and Egg and I went ahead and paid out cash prizes for the two biggest games out of pretty much every ounce of overcash we made. Hell, Egg paid part of one out of his own pocket. The guy doesn’t even have a JOB. Yet he loved his fellow gamer enough to give of his only source of income to keep the fun going.

I’m going to assume that you were one of those guys we asked to leave for doing nothing but casual gaming(oh, and holding up the 3rd strike tournament, albeit indirectly), and thank you guys for at least being big enough to move on when we talked to you, but seriously, if you’d paid us like five apiece we would have been happy to let you guys stay. I don’t think that was asking too much, honestly.

I am keeping a running tab of all the stuff we really borked on this past Sunday, though, and if Egg and myself decide to hold another tournament in the future(probably in January, actually), I promise we’ll do a much better job keeping things together. We’re not natural born management; after all, this WAS a fighting tournament, not a RTS tournament. Regardless, though, we were trying, honestly, and I think that almost every suggestion we’ve recieved will probably influence the way we do things in the future around here.

(As a disclaimer, however, I’m only speaking from my own point of view. Cricket_Egg wasn’t present for the writing of this, so please don’t rag on him for something I said.)

(Unless I say to rag on him for it…)

theres no problem with cvs2 on ps2, it was on ps2 at evo, ts5…its the same thing

well if you want to use a pizza as an legit arguement. when I ordered the pizza i have in mind first up I WONT BE GETTIN MY LOOT BACK ON THE FIRST TIME. over time ya boyz learn to pitch in before you even order… if your thinkin bout making a profit from this on the first jump around…ya outta ya mind…literally. ya basic first two times are tryin to establish a name for yourselves by giving an not worrying about the breaking even or making some loot…

we didnt hold up nothing cause honestly when i walked in…no info was givin…no organization from my view… so i sat my but down an played casually with my md crew [bmore chun, carlos, nokato] nothing was stated…i was informed we couldnt sign up for a simple round robin…then 1hour-2hours later informed to pay or leave…not “hey can you donate something to the pot”…come on…a couple of cats drove from BALTIMORE… ive NEVER been to a tournament where casual play wasnt allowed or someone was FORCED to pay or leave cause EITHER YOU STATE A VENUE FEE (ie see VTYME tournament thread) or you can just walk in an play…IF you guys would of stated that…i would of payed before i even took 3 steps into the place or not have came…same for the crew…

an holding up games…not us…i saw 3rd strike on PAUSE for 30 minutes an cats practicin combos when it was unpaused…get real. hell you ask US for OUR dreamcasts (yes two of them)…so whose holding up who? an i guess later that tournament random cats walkin in sittin down an playing…hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

anyway…your arguement has little weight…but the only thing keepin you afloat is your NEW to the fighting game tournament scene…literally. cause honestly cats [vets including myself] were pissed cause weve experienced better “first timers”…good luck in the future an research a little more before your next one cause if we + more veteran players come deep an experience this…lets just say im the neutral one of them an i dont argue or diss cause like i was speaking with the owner “we didnt know there was a door fee nor games were dropped from the get go…sorry for the interruption…”

This really all goes back to the original post in Tournaments and Events. From the MK location, single elim, way too many games and not enough info, you guys were off to a bad start straight off the bat.

Here’s a little bit of information that I think is the main step to understanding: TOURNAMENTS ARE NOT CASUAL. People are straight-up competitive @ shoryuken. They expect a tournament run in complete seriousness, all the information presetented to them up to a MONTH before the tournament starts, and tournament directors that are at least VERY FAMILIAR with the competitive scene.

What did the Baltimore Crew do wrong? Absolutely nothing. There was NOTHING stated about having to pay to play. There wasn’t even really a schedule, rules, correct directions, etc. It was very CASUALLY set up, something you’d post to invite some friends over to your house for pizza and a movie.

Really, the only way I see the next tournament going smoothly is if you guys get a vet alongside of you to run this stuff. There’s only so much suggestions can do, what you need is hands-on experience. Plenty of people willing to help, just give a shout-out before you go on “planning” the next event.

^^can’t argue with any of that.

–that part.
Since nothing was even worked out until an hour or so after the tournamet was supposed to have started, you can’t really rag on somebody for taking advantage of disorganization(which wasn’t even the case, but still).
Overall I was still happy that the place can hold a decent amount of people without me having to stand all day(I do enough of that at work)or plant my ass on a concrete floor. Good to see some old faces and meet some cool new ones as well.
If help is needed with running/organizing the next one, I’ll gladly offer services. I’m no pro but another pair of hands always helps with this shit. If you are planning for January though, gimme some kind of definite time bubble to plan for(I’ll be in Panama for part of Jan.).

HyperBomber, when are you going to be in Panama? I’d be happy to have you help us out, when you’re around.

Right now I believe we’re supposed to go the 2nd week of Jan., but that could change. If the next tournament is in late Jan. I’m pretty positive at this point I’ll be back.

On a side note, if there are those of you in the immediate area that are up for casuals on the weekends(assuming the woman doesn’t have me on lockdown), my place is pretty well set up. Not the lap of luxury like Koop’s place or anything, but I can comfortably accommodate around 5-6 ppl(including myself) and there’s no roommate to bother with anymore. Anyone in 301/240 that’s interested, pm me.

To anyone who attended the recent CyberCon Tournament:

If anyone happened to have seen a Cd-R with no text on it, please PM me as asap. That’s a copy of CVS2 that I need back as soon as possible. I would hope people would be honest enough to tell me if they have it or not.

I saw that CD, but I didn’t take it. If you can’t find it, I might be able to reburn CvS2 for the Dreamcast for you, or supply you with the cd-image.