DC: MVC2 for sale

I’ll take $35 shipped. The game is in great condition and works everytime. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Heh…it’d be funny if you got anything for this considering that a lot of people can play the burned copy on their DCs.

Werd. I keep my copy purely for collector’s purposes.

Mind posting a pic of the case and disc?

Thank You,

funny, i pmed him about the condition of disc whether it has case and instructions and if he had prior feedback. i got no response. i hope its not a bootleg. oh well, glad i got my copy somewhere else.


I really feel bad. When the game first came out, I was broke. I mean flat out, utterly broke. I downloaded the iso at work and burned it.

I’ve never gone out and gotten a legit copy. I want to, but I keep forgettng about it (don’t have time to play all that much lately). This reminded me, and now he’s not responding. Go fig.