DC pencilist?

Ther’es this guy that comes into my job (Office Max), and has me make copies and DHL packages to DC Comics all the time. Apparently, he’s a peniclist for what looks like Justice League?.. (or some other teen super hero thing)

Just wondering what this guy’s name is… i want to takl to him next time he comes in…

You will have to be a little more specific.

And you might try just asking him what his name is.

i did ask… he told me, “if you can find that out, i’ll give you a sketch”

lamer, but kinda cool reward… might be worth something down the road, depending on who it is…

If you give me some names to DC comics with a team of super heroes that look like they’re in their teens, i can google it myself and figure it out.

found out who it is… rags morales

Not bad. Did you get a sketch?

Rags is cool, he draws Nightwing now! :woot:

Besides he freaking OWNED Liefeld on Newsarama, I gotta go find that link. It’s in the Liefeld thread we had here if someone wants to beat me to it…

i’m going to pick up identity crisis and ask him if he can autograph it.

Rags Morales owning Liefeld lol -


wow, that’s great shit.

Rags is a pretty big douche bag himself, though.
It was a win/win situation in that fight.

yeah, he does act like a scum bag when he comes in the store.