DC Sentinel lag

I just played MVC2 right now on my DC. I did a simple c.lk xx s.lp xx lp.rp xx HSP. i notice that the combo doesn’t come out as fast as it would on the arcade. I mean just doing a RP XX HSF has some kind of lag or doesn’t cancel. I did the same combo with my PS2 version and the combo or cancel worked. i know it’s preferable to play mvc2 on DC but the timing just for this combo is kind of weird. have any of you ever notice this? maybe it might be my innovation converter, but i don’t know? some input would be nice?

Happened to me b4. For a long time we couldnt do rocket punch into HSF. U have 2 erase the memory card.


@ OP: Maybe its your converter. I’ve never run into that problem before.

I have that problem sometimes. I can only get RP XX HSF consistently if it’s a dc stick form some reason.

Probably a slight delay with certain PS converters. Either that or try erasing the memory card.

Thanks! Works like a charm now! AND I can fastfly!

I erased my memory cand, but still having same problem. Does it make a difference if I have a generic one?


You guys are dorks. :lol: Go to the CONFIG settings for the controllers and switch from LONG to normal. I don’t have my Dreamcast right here, but – that’s about what you want. You’ll know what it is immediately. Very easy to fix, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for – it is totally maddening. :smile:


ALL COMBOS ARE 100+! Thanks!

Wow how mad am i. I thought i just wasnt hitting shit.

Does Innovation adapters have lags? (all games)

What does LONG/NORMAL do? Won’t let you do certain combos?