DC to PC to 360?


i have a dc arcaded stick, and also a converter to make it compaitable with PC. is there a way i can get this stick, or it’s converter, to work with an xbox 360?? im in a state of helplessness. i can’t afford an arcade stick atm. please someone help me.


Get a Mad Catz 360 Fightpad, extract the PCB, then dual mod your DC stick (if you still want it DC compatible), or remove the DC PCB completely and replace (your stick will still work on a PC with the Mad Catz PCB). Dual modding your existing stick is far cheaper than buying a new one.

There are plenty of guides on how to do those online, so just search.


thanks gahrling, i will try that. 1 quick question. after the procedure, will the fightpad be rendered useless?


Sorry - I don’t understand your question.

If you’re going to be using the PCB from a 360 Fightpad in your DC stick, then how does that render it useless? Or are you talking about the Fightpad shell?


sorry, im a noob, i dont know what a pcb is. my question is: will i still be able to use the fightpad, aswell as the stick, on a 360 machine? or does extracting its pcb mean it cant be used anymore? im sure it can but i just want to be sure


Your better off buying a new stick


The PCB (printed circuit board) is what translates & sends information to the console - without this, a device is useless. If you want your DC stick to work on a 360, you will need to take this circuit board out of the Fightpad and solder it correctly inside your DC stick. This will leave you with an empty, and electronically useless, Fightpad shell.


ok, now i understand. thanks for all your replies gahrling, you’ve been very helpful


If this is the same Terry I know from another forum, then Hi! :smiley:

Your best bet is changing the whole PCB with a 360 one. You might want to get the Madcatz 360 pad for common ground, in case you want to do a dual-mod later on. Easiest PCB to do a project on is the Paewang/Datel PCB where it’s switchable between 360 and PS3.


One thing to note with this DC stick dual/single mod is that you’ll need to install up to 2 extra buttons on the DC stick’s shell - one for ‘Xbox Guide’ and the other for ‘Back/Select’ (the DC stick only has 6 attack buttons and a Start button).