DC Universe Online MMO


What do you guys think?

I don’t click on Myspace links, it hurts my intelligence.

I haven’t kept track of this, frankly I hardly cared. Since the Marvel one was dumped (Turning into Champions, which looks great) I thought the DC one would start showing us something. So far, though, I haven’t heard jack shit on it.

DC to me just doesn’t seem like the right universe for an MMO.

Looks really nice, thanks for sharing! I don’t mess with MMOs too much so I most likely will not play this just like I wouldn’t play a Marvel one either. Still the Jim Lee character designs and the backgrounds look great! And Nightwing’s in it, hooray! :woot:

Can’t check the link, but it depends on who you can be for me. And im not talking about batman or wonder women im talking about duela,superboy-prime,mantis n shit. The once you wouldn’t expect to be in.

Unfortunately, you can’t be any of the real DC heroes. Because its an MMO, you’d have thousands of Batmen running around the city. This one is a create-a-hero game (like City of Heroes), but you’ll interact with the real heroes, too.

God I hope this does well. It’d be nice to have a good DC game for once.

Ah well. Nightwing’s still playable in Lego Batman, slated for September. :woot:


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