DC Urien combos



which ones work on dc, which ones don’t? for some reason i can’t get cr fierce, ex headbutt, tackle xx SA2 tackle to connect (it’s the last tackle that won’t connect, hitting them into the aegis for a few hits…). is it just me? if so, am i doing it too slow or too soon?


so…your trying to connect tackle xx SA2 so that the next tackle hits them into the aegis… _

just kidding lol, I know you made a mistake of writing SA2 instead of SA3.

Basically after EX headbutt, tackle, another tackle won’t connect whether the first tackle is cancelled into aegis or not, its as simple as that.


yeah, in most cases you can only get 1 more hit after the EX headbutt, there are some exceptions, but this isn’t one of them


oh ya, sa3, lol. i’m so not used to even looking at other characters’ sa3’s except for dudley and ken, so i just assume every good sa is number 2, LOL. no, i’ve seen this combo at the arcade, you ex headbutt, medium tackle them midair and cancel into an either medium or fierce aegis, and then when they pass through the aegis (after being hit across the screen from the tackle), you do a tackle, which catches them, and thus hits them into the aegis, for 3 or 4 hits. i saw it at the arcade though, so maybe it’s just an arcade combo? in fact, i think i have a video of it too…pm me later so i can send it to you. if anything, it’s a kickass video of urien ownage.


are you telling me that shinryuken and rolling thunder are good supers? :lol:


no, i’m telling you that chun li sa2, makoto sa2, and elena sa2 are good, and i don’t really use anybody else…except for urien and dudley. blah, i don’t know what i’m saying, just answer the question please, :lol:


maybe you saw exheadbutt>tackle>aegis>tackle?


ya, i tried that on dc, and it worked the way i was thinking…maybe i thought i saw the exheadbutt…cuz i also tried crFierce, tackle xx aegis tackle which worked…but i could have sworn i saw the exheadbutt after the fierce…can anybody with access to an arcade try this? i would, but my execution on joysticks is shitty, and i’d fuck it up and lose my money.