DC vs. Marvel comics of the past

I didn’t see a thread about this anywhere, maybe I didn’t look hard enough.

But seriously, what’s the general consensus on this? I didn’t think it was too bad, I really liked the Amalgam universe.

ahh, the comic?

or rather the cosmic popularity contest?

it’s not good, any idiot could’ve called the winners without a vote.

Wolverine NEVER could’ve punked Lobo that easily if it had been based on actual fucking skill.

Lobo is pretty beastly, and I do hate Wolverine pretty well.

Thor vs. Cap was a good fight.

as was Supes vs. Hulk.

some of 'em were no-brainers, but some of 'em just sucked.

I liked Thor/Captain Marvel. Did you read the All Access comics too? There were some good fights there.

nope, and it’s been a while since I read DvM.

It basically just expanded on everything. Dr. Strangefate was trying to bring back the Amalgam universe, and Access had to rely on getting people from both universes to held.

It was cool though, at the beginning JL and Xmen got into random fights and ended up getting merged. Superman + Bishop? Wtfux.

Edited the thread title slightly so it doesn’t sound too much like a versus thread sheash… :sweat:

I think the general consensus is that the entire '90s Marvel vs. DC stuff sucked pretty hard. None of it was particularly well-drawn, and most of the stories were crap. I think out of all the Amalgam books, Super-Soldier was the most decent one, and that was barely average. The fights in the Vs. storyline were stupid and because of the voting system, not very logical or well-written. And the main plot about the two cosmic brothers was cheesy as heck… Who wrote that, Ron Marz? Haha, where you at, P.Gabby?

But to give credit where credit is due… Hey, at least they tried?

On a positive note, the old-school Superman/Spider-Man crossover has a nice cover. And JLA/Avengers is probably the greatest Marvel/DC crossover yet.

Yeah I agree with everything you said.

Fuck Ron Marz.

It sure is. Funny thing is, it kinda did pave the way for Infinite Crisis and other stuff because it was considered in-continuity.

Yeah, I remember when Busiek wrote that JLA arc after Chuck Austen. What was that, like eight issues about the Weaponers of Qward and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika? Didn’t think that was good.

That was a devious ploy by Marvel.

I check both the marvel vs dc tpb and one of the amalgam tpb’s from the library a few months ago and thought both were virtually unreadable. They were really smack in the middle of the horrible early-mid 90s period of comics.

If you want good marvel vs. dc, check out JLA/Avengers

Yeah, I’ll check out JLA/Avengers. I didn’t think DC vs. Marvel was all that bad, though.

One of the 90s crossovers I liked was Captain America and Batman in that it wasn’t what you expected. The story took place during WWII and featured old school Batman who used to smile back in the day. Red Skull and Joker teamed up as villains. Anyway it was full of Batman and Captain America smiling while punching Nazis in the face man that’s old school. I won’t spoil it but what happened to Red Skull and Joker and what becomes of both Captain America and Batman is very well done. This is just about the only 90s Marvel/DC crossover I’d recommend though.

I’d have to say that was one of the most unreadable run of comics I’ve had the misfortunate of stumbling across over the last couple years. Ron Garney’s stuff was sucking too…I don’t know what it was, I think the inking was way to heavy for his pencils and even the colours were way too crazy for a guy with such simple pencils as Ron Garney.

It was awesome, because after Morrison, Waid, and even Joe Kelly had their runs on that book that were all about how awesome the league was at kicking ass, and that all the personal stuff was left for their own monthlies…they decided to run a Chuck Austen storyline that featured like a separate hero every month. Which seems like the worst idea ever to me - if I want to read a solo Flash story…I’ll buy Flash. I buy JLA to see Flash hanging out with his other superbuddies.

And that entire Earth 2 arc after that…it was like Busiek went insane and was stricken with Claremontitis. They were robbing banks…? What…?

I enjoyed JLA/Avengers, but I didn’t think it was that good. It was four issues of Kurt Busiek’s and George Perez’s combined wet dreams as childhood fanboys - it was like Infinite Crisis before there was an Infinite Crisis. It was cool, but just like with Crisis, it seemed like they were just trying to show off all the characters and all the old school fanboy stuff they knew rather than just trying to tell a straightforward story.

Plus, I actually really wanted to see Cap punch Batman’s face in, instead of that queer pseudo-fight. I won’t lie - that probably made me bitter to the whole thing.

Honestly though, I was just glad it wasn’t another repeat of Marvel vs. DC, so the standards were already pretty low.

Marvel vs. DC has to be one of the top five worst executed comic book ideas of all time. There was no way you could have fucked that up…and yet…they did.

My favourite part was how no one had any idea how to explain Wolverine logically beating Lobo, so they had to write them falling behind a bar and having the fight off-panel. It was like so bad that even the writers couldn’t figure it out - hilarious.

And then the Storm vs. Wonder Woman fight where Storm somehow took a kick in the head from a Class 100 strength character and still managed to keep her head attached to her body with her mutant powers. Good stuff!

The Cap vs. Batman fight wasn’t that bad though. I can live with that. Batman is a dirty cheater. Yes, this we know.

cap v batman was the best part of jla/avengers

JLA/Avengers is basically a good ‘80s superhero comic. Just look at those drawings. George Perez’ style hasn’t changed in like 27 years. All of his women still have that puffy, '80s style hairdo. I keep expecting to see giant headbands and neon nylons or spandex when I look at his art today.

Busiek’s writing in JLA/Avengers is very '80s, too. It’s ALMOST Claremontesque. If Claremont were Keystone City, Busiek’s style would have been Central City. That’s how close it was to being just like Claremont.

The best thing about JLA/Avengers was that it wasn’t entirely stupid. It had all the hallmarks of a potentially lame crossover, but it was just good enough to avoid all the pitfalls and be accepted as the greatest Marvel/DC crossover of all time. It took itself seriously but at least the writer and artist respected what they were doing and poured their hearts into it. Just holding the cover of book 3 gives me arthritis in my drawing hand - and I can’t even draw to begin with.

Oh yeah, and Storm beating up Wonder Woman back in the '90s is plain whack. That’s a prime example of why fans shouldn’t be involved in the creative process.

Lol, and I wonder whose idea it was to have Robin Vs. Jubilee end up with a makeout session?

I just really have no idea how anyone could read that Marvel Vs. DC and not realize how the Big Two were just trying to survive the Image Comics fallout.

Lol the funniest thing about DC vs. Marvel was Ben Reilly Spider-Man vs. Superboy. Both are clones which was revealed about Ben Reilly Spider-Man later and eventually both died, that Spider-Man died first and later on Superboy. Kind of funny when you think back at how perfect that match up was in the grand scheme of things. :rofl:

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