DC vs Marvel [Fangame] Looks.....decent?



These games come dime a dozen, but this looks kind of decent, at least playable, I’ve been playing it with my roommates for a couple of days and it’s a solid party game nothing serious or anything, but in the sea of crappy mugen games, it’s competently made anyway. I’ve been doing some light research and it turns out it is compiled from Scruffy Dragon’s assets (they’ve been working on their own DCvM game for years now, but haven’t released it yet). So what do you guys think?


you might want to edit the link. it has other games that, though not as new, are against forum rules.


Edited directly to download link.
here is a few videos:




A MUGEN thread?


Well I figured if Hyper Dragon Ball Z has a thread, and it’s also MUGEN so…


Hyper DBZ uses characters made specifically for it though, right? IE it’s a real creation effort. This one on the other hand is just packing together characters that have already been made for Mugen.


except hyper dbz doesn’t look like shit


It still doesn’t play all that great so who cares.


I kinda do because this is just a compilation
that doesn’t even try to edit the characters to have the same mechanics.
The only thing new and consistent here is the screenpack,
everything else is just a mishmash of stuff.


It looks pretty consistent to me and not really a mishmash, but ok.