DCP Dudley - Denjin's Compilation of Posts

DCP - Denjin’s Compilation of Posts

I felt like compiling posts. Here.



mgb comments:

more, yup

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good shit denjin…u used my damagae list yay!!!

For added convenience. Just read these, if you don’t have the time. (CTRL F for each line and read its post)

the first post

most useful with ex meter?
in the chains section, particularly the
Character Specific Matchups
some mix ups i use:
what SA i use for each character
I don’t claim to be an expert, but
First of all, get to know your normals, and
( all the way to: )
( Originally Posted by KingRaoh)

Else, you owe it to yourself to read all of this as a person who wants to learn Dudley.



What a waste.

Hey Denjin and/or anyone else, how the hell are you suppose to read the damage charts properly, I do not understand the x’s and o’s as well as the different numbers that are b/t the backslashes. Any answers would be nice…

Not sure, but here’s an assumption:
Check out down roundhouse. (I meant, check out down medium kick)

“-12 Block”

Pretty sure that means, the guy has 12 frames to hurt you after you get that move blocked.

Jab “4/1/6” means that the move takes four frames to start up, connects for one frame, then takes six frames to recover.

I do not understand the x’s and o’s.

For jab: o/o/o
it DOES chain into itself
it DOES chain into specials
it DOES chain into supers

Compare with fierce: x/x/o
doesn’t chain to self
doesn’t chain to specials
does chain to supers

k thnx for all the help…

Does anyone use Dudley’s chains? The only thing I’ve ever seen used is the overhead-roundhouse into medium kick. Comments?

I use it mostly as Anti Air… c.lk,c.mp,c.hp is really good too

I recently started using Roundhouse into half circle forward medium kick/roundhouse.

Can anyone tell me what the Frame Advantage is for that ‘combo’ when it’s blocked?

Keep in mind, I am referring to a single hit roundhouse and then moving in. I am not trying to hit the guy with the punch that looks like a fierce (that comes after the half circle forward roundhouse).

Essentially, is this thing too dangerous to use on Ken because of his SA3 or anything like that?