DCP - Dudley: I Want to Kill Chun Li

This is another “Denjin’s Compilation of Posts.”

Here’s stuff gathered up on taking out Chun Li.

i am not 100% sure this is for chun li
probably is though

Bump. Should I just let this thread die?

Hell no, I don’t know how i missed this thread earlier. Great job again.

Except u quoted stuff from Geese…

Isn’t he ranked higher than you and S4 in TOSF in term of Dudley player??? :rofl:


geese owns

If you parry a c.MK, do c.MP into MK duck (xx super if it hits). Even if she cancels into the super, your c.MP will stuff it as long as you do it as early as you can.

that’s awesome. didn’t know that.


Word. Man you guys in Canada got shit on lock. I always hate getting punished for parrying c.mk.

I just noticed… my user title (which has nothing to do with SF) matches what I said so perfectly. :lol:

Not a good strategy, but assuming the Chun late cancels, an immediate standing HK after the parry will also beat the super. The problem there is that you miss the opportunity to land your own super if she doesn’t cancel, since the HK won’t hit her from that far. And if she cancels early or you do the move too late, you’re getting supered.

With c.MP it doesn’t matter what she does. When you see her super starting up, leave out the duck since her super brings her next to you. The main thing is to not be afraid and avoid hesitating after parrying the move. Too bad that feeling of reluctance has already been ingrained into everyone.

What happens if you don’t leave out the duck?

It’s just habit for me to always to c.mp into duck super.

Ya I hate the fact that U cant hit Chun with ST.RH after parrying her L.Mk… so I just tap forward, either she supers and get parried or I just walk up and throw her.

yea anything under 5 frames can hit her outta super after u parry the c.mk

btw, i once parried the c.mk (she didnt cancel), when i tried to punish with 2mp, it whiffed…she’s too damn short

Ya I dont think l.mp can hit chun after parrying her l.mk…

Well, there is a certain distance (max range basically) where the c.MP won’t hit her. But I think that when she has meter, it’s still the best thing you can do. If you risk doing a bigger move and she’s really good (or really scrubby) and does the super, you know what happens. I’d rather parry and whiff a c.MP (knowing I can beat the super if she does it) than not do anything. Walking forward and throwing sounds good too, but at max range (the same place where c.MP would whiff) she would probably recover quickly enough to tech it by the time you get there.

c.LK c.LK c.MP and c.LK c.MP c.HP chains will put you just outside of c.MK distance, and the only good move she has that will hit you from there is standing HP. So maybe after connecting or having one of those chains blocked, parrying high might be a risk worth taking, as long as she doesn’t walk forward before you do it.

if you have a super handy, you can also just super straight out after you parry her c. forward. if she doesn’t super, you win. if she supers, you still win.

i agree. when you’re outside of her low poke range, a Chun player will usually use s. fierce or back + fierce (even though that one has less range than just s. fierce). occasionally, they’ll use twds + forward. either way, a high parry negates them all. if they use c. strong on you, not really a big deal since it doesn’t cancel or link into anything.


yea im with you on the cr.mp after parring chun’s c.mk at max range
or u can take the risk and do cr.hk