DC's Countdown

So, DC’s next big thing… who’s in?

There’s a myspace preview with half of the first comic up (you have to add “Myspace comic books” as a friend), but I haven’t read the whole preview yet. I’m interested and wary at the same time. But I’ll be jumping in on this. Dini… don’t let me down!

Only thing bothering me about it so far is the huge role Jason Todd’s gonna play booo… but who knows maybe Dini + McKeever can do something good with him.

I’m really excited, Dini’s the man so hopefully he can bring some JLU cartoon level of goodness too this book. :smile:

I’d rather lick honey off of William Hung’s nipple, than to buy another DC Weekly comic.

I’m not gonna get milked again.

I’ve got a friend who’s getting it, I’ll read his copies, but 52 was just too little substance.

I loved it when it was good, but some weeks just sucked.

Where’d you get that? I wouldnt mind him. He could be DCs Punisher. Dini should be nice with him though.

Jason Todd being a major player in Countdown is like everywhere. Random Jason Todd / Countdown google search, but this news is everywhere really. He’s going to become the Red Robin of Kingdom Come instead of Dick Grayson / Nightwing in this reality.

Jimmy Olsen and Mary Marvel will also be major characters.

man that’s just too bad. i couldn’t give a fuck less about jimmy olsen.

Just read the preview for #50, gettin’ pretty good.

Countdown #50

[details=Spoiler]Jimmy interviews Jason Todd, about Duela Dent’s murder, and Batman fights Karate Kid.

KC gets punked by Black Lightning, though it should’ve been Batman’s belt that did it (KK Snagged it in the fight), as it SHOULD have a self-destruct when someone removes it (It used to anyway).


Just noticed that they started putting little Countdown tags (this week says 50, to correspond with this week’s ish) next to the barcodes of other DC comics. I guess that way, you’ll know which week you should be reading before reading that comic.

I’m reading it, but I ain’t buyin’ it.

best panel this week is:



Mirror Master snorting a line from the other side of the glass table