DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Arrow/Flash Spin-off Show


Why did they only showed half of Firestorm?


Because the other half is not going to be part of the team.


Grant Gustin says Cold and Heatwave will appear on all three shows


So…can he become Firestorm without his other half?


No, but he’s a scientist. Scientists are useful.


Stein is probably the Wells of the series, where he guides them from some sort of clock tower. The girl they chose to be hawkgirl isnt particularly hot to be honest, I expected better like a firey redhead or something. You dont gotta add diversity for the hell of it ya know.

Maybe its because im used to the Bruce Timm Justice League/Unlimited version of Hawkgirl who was pretty hot (admittedly was a cartoon).


In a few versions Hawkgirl is middle eastern


The actress playing Hawkgirl is cute to me. But then again, I sort of have a thing for lightskinned girls who do yoga. LOL!!!


I was expecting him to take the place as the Chief Scientist position in Season 2 of the Flash. I guess that theory goes out the window


I like the girl who they casted for Hawkgirl. She has a similar look to Rosairo Dawson.


im personally betting on someone from the flash family showing up through that damn wormhole. i have trouble seeing cisco,kate and barry doing it all without real guidance.

like who the fuck is gonna run star labs?


The real Wells created STAR labs. I’m sure he’ll be the one running it with Twane being erased.


nigga got killed, doesnt mean the affects he created got stopped. as seen so far, everyone remembers the shit that happened, so thawnes killshots still stand unless they somehow reset stuff.


The blackhole we saw could be time correcting itself. Thanwe warned Barry that time will fix itself no matter what.


ehhh i doubt that…erase the universe to just correct itself?


Eddie created a paradoxical temporal loop when he killed himself. He kills himself to erase Eobard from existence. if Eobard is never born than Eddie won’t kill himself and if he is born than Eddie will kill himself repeat ad infinitum. The patch is too big to fix so time says fuck it.


generally in dc…shit just auto fixes…no need for destruction. orrr in flashes case…people outside their timeline are not effect at all. hence impulse remembers shit like crisis, because hes not in his correct timeline.


Erasing Eobard undos everything he took part in. Barry’s mom gets to live, Henry doesn’t go to jail, the particle accumulator is completed in 2020 instead of the present time. Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, who knows what else. The destruction would be restricted to the current timeline has it’s the one that got fucked up. Eddie’s body being sucked into the wormhole could be also how the timeline plans on fixing itself.


the fact there is an earth 1 and 2…confirmed by creators. i think the correction is just gonna be a parallel earth, not destruction. imo.


But then erasing Eobard would then also erase his interactions with Eddie. So then would Eddy actually kill himself?