DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Arrow/Flash Spin-off Show


the fact there is an earth 1 and 2…confirmed by creators. i think the correction is just gonna be a parallel earth, not destruction. imo.


But then erasing Eobard would then also erase his interactions with Eddie. So then would Eddy actually kill himself?


lol i warned you all realllll early in the series. time travel stuff was gonna be a mess.


The CW is in the early stages of producing a solo Hawkgirl series

If this goes through it will be the 5th DC show on the network.


Smallville, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkgirl? They ALMOST had an Aquaman. And if you want to count Birds of Prey which was on the WB (before CW).


I was counting shows that are currently airing. I, Zombie is a show based on a DC property.


Mark My Words

But I have a strong feeling that the other half of Firelord is going to be Jason Rusch. If you recall, he had a cameo in Flash, played by Luc Roderique:


Agreed. The resemblance is uncanny.




Hawkman confirmed for the show


Not bad at all.


Had no idea CW got the rights to put two Wolverines in The Flash and Arrow


I should smack you with an Nth Metal mace for that crack.


no wings?


Probably CG, and probably won’t be used much due to budget constraints.


“budget constraints” never stops flash from cgiing the shit outta everything.


Flash also doesn’t have to balance an ever-rotating cast of supers… Just Barry and the villian(s) of the week.

We should probably wait until we get a full breakdown of the Hawkpeople.


their both in a trailer? is this a new one?


Not to mention they’re working with a more limited episode count, so they wouldn’t have to stretch their budget over 20-something episodes.


LOL Men of Steel and Dark Knights. Just let them fucking have Batman and Superman, for big events.



One minute in and we have Savage shooting children.